Saturday I stayed in my PJ ‘s all damn day.
I never do that.
I didn’t want to cook anything,
My mind couldn’t plan another meal.
Been responsible for three meals a day for the last 45 days.
We ordered in pizza. It was yummy.

I went on strike. For 24 hours.
My twitter feed is full of people who have lost a friend, or family member to covid19.
Cried when I saw a doctor or nurse.
Cried when I saw a kindness.
Love. Love. Love.
Community. Connection. Consideration.

Then I see the people out and about,
breaking stay at home orders….
Especially on Florida beaches
without face covering. No social distancing.
That’s their right.
There is no consideration for the sacred other.
It’s all about their rights.
Me and mine.

Think about it.
Most of the residents of Florida hail from another place.
Disconnected from community.
They move here seeking refuge from the cold.
Or the place to retire.
Or escape from their addictions.

They come here full of dreams.
With no connection to the land…
they want what they want.
build this. tear down that.
There’s money to be made.
Me and mine.

The Sun is moving through the sign Taurus now.
There is a lot happening astrologically.
Pluto in Capricorn.
Uranus in Taurus.
Energetics I wouldn’t fuck with.
The “me and mine” energy is about to go bust.

© michele grace lessirard