If you put me on a pedestal.
That’s not my problem.
If you knock me off the pedestal.
That’s not my problem either.
There’s an “issue” around value.
A lie.
Of self.
Me. You.
Who am I in relationship to you?
The old model
of guru to student is dead.
It’s about co-creating.
It’s about collaborating.
It’s hard to partner with someone standing on a pedestal.
You’ve made them better than you.
Standing on your pedestal,
it’s hard to partner with someone standing on the ground,
you’re looking down.
You’ve made them less than you.
Less than. Better than.
Is the place of a wounded child.
Trauma. Drama.
Ancestral karma.
Step down.
Step up.
It’s a dance.
There is a choice.
The invitation is to ask questions.
Find all your pedestal moments.
Find all your “standing on the ground” moments.
With teachers, mentors, coaches.
I wonder…what will be revealed?