“Racial tensions culminated in violent protests in 1971, when fights broke out between white and black students at Bridgeton (Jr.) High School; in March and again in October the fights expanded into the streets, where rioters broke windows, beat bystanders, and ransacked stores. The city was put under a state of emergency, with a dusk-to-dawn curfew. “- Penelope S Watson, historian

It’s 1971. Paula and I go to get water after hockey practice….walking through the narrow gates are a group of students. A black student slapped her butt.

“Keep your fucking hands off of me!” her angry words flew. The match was lit. The coach rushed us off the field, driving us back to school. The next day coach tried to tell the story, no one wanted to listen. Debbie who sat next to me in science told me “I can’t be friends with you, you’re white.” It went from bad to worse. The incident ignited a firestorm at the high schools. People chose sides. That week a state of emergency was declared.

The fear. The silence. The denial.
Black and white.
It rages on… 50 years later…
My body feels the silence of that moment.
This is what comes up for me….
First the rape. Then the riots.
I’m looking at my family history,
how privilege was perpetrated.
Less than or better than.
Healing the family soul.
Healing the ancestral choices that put this into place.
Uncovering. Revealing. Dismantling.
Power. Sex. Money. Greed.
Enough is enough.
Each of us has the opportunity to heal the ancestral soul loss. It’s important to sort through it and recognize what’s yours, mine and ours. You may be triggered. It may be an ancestor knocking on your door asking “Are you the one to heal this for the family soul?”
It’s a time to clean up your energetic boundaries. Tend to the wounds in your body and energetic field. Listen to what’s being said, and if it triggers decide to stop the othering.

What’s in my family that needs to be owned and healed? Throw and image at it…make a SoulCollage® card or two…or three.
Here is one of my shadow SoulCollage® cards “I am the one who holds the jewel of your shadow….may it share the story now…”
The shadow is up and out. I’ll be a witness for that. I’ll be a healer for that. I’ll speak. I will do my inner work