Beautiful One,

Here in the states it feels like we are greeted with something everyday
that rocks our psyche….insurrection. atlanta. now boulder.

What is this? What is the ask? here’s my answer for this moment…

My face takes on “this look” when I need a good cry.
It’s around the eyes. Always the eyes.

There’s a tight band of energy there…asking for release.
It’s here the past couple of mornings, while brushing my teeth.

I see you. I see what’s happening. Don’t look away.
Be with the feelings.

The band was steady and strong before therapy.
I was groomed early.
“Good girls don’t cry.”
“I’ll give you something to cry about.”
Suck it up.

My toddler daughter was my muse.
Deep feelings, moving through.
Crying is as good as laughter.

I gave myself permission.
When the tears started, I couldn’t stop.
It came. It leaked.
Stuff. Stuffed.

For all the years. All the feelings.
The band at my eyes released.

My soul sang. Creativity returned.
We are living through an extraordinary time.
An energetic war.

What if a way through is honoring your tears?
I cry. For me. For you. For the earth. For what’s lost.
What’s returned and restored.
As doulas of grief for these times

Here’s to honoring the good cry.

with love,

Michele Grace

Some suggested tools:

Walk outside and connect with your land. Journal what’s showing up. Nature Journaling
Put on some chakra music and dance. 5 Rhythms with Gabriella Roth.
Do a mini-breathwork with music to unlock the feelings. Explore Holotropic Breathwork