Nothing is healed or empowered by the level it’s currently at (or created).

Time to make it incontrovertibly clear. F#$k the systems protecting the abusers.

There is a toxic ecosystem- the archetype of AUTHORITY- that runs throughout all aspects of society: Church. Government. Justice. Law. Retail. Business. They are all connected. Operating at a 3rd chakra and below energy.

Let them all unravel.

Enough is enough.

After the Parkland shooting I journeyed to my helping allies asking how to work with the gun violence. The allies took me to a huge gelatinous black mass…. dark, deep and thick. They shared it wasn’t about the guns. It was about arms sales- follow the money; the US is the biggest arms dealer in the world.

How do we find our way out of this? To NOT get caught up in the muddle of now. Following what gives us joy. Creating from that space.

As a waymaker…

you are being called. What will you create today?

Third Chakra is the seat of shame.
There’s a sinking feeling when it’s activated because the energy is spiralling inward.
To defend against that helpless feeling,
We may go silent (freeze).
We may make nice aka people please (fawn).
We may lash out (fight).
We may run (flight).

As women we are conditioned to NOT do anything because of the trauma- personal and generational. The way the abusers gain traction is for each of us to remain stuck and feel lost. Screw that!!

All of us carry shadow issues related to shame. To heal it we have to take the energy to the heart chakra, then the throat chakra (we speak truth to power). Sacred Rage.

If I shame people because they aren’t spending enough or living my lifestyle, then that’s a teachable moment.

If I shame people because they decided to curate something in a way that triggers me, then I have a responsibility to own my stuff. That’s a teachable moment.

If I’m leading my community with these new aha’s around money, marketing and manipulation then I want to be able to share my own story with AUTHORITY and shame. Because in telling that healing story I come alive and inspire.

If I don’t understand my own healing journey, then the energy is still stuck in the 3rd chakra, spinning.

  • 3rd chakra is the seat of anger.
  • 3rd chakra is where your money story is born.
  • 3rd chakra is where the manipulation comes from.
  • 3rd chakra is masculine in nature and needs the 4th chakra to mediate and heal.

One has to go to the next higher chakra for the solution aka the healing balm. There’s a fine line between teaching and shaming.

Anodea Judith writes:
“Beliefs that negate the safety and individuality ostensibly “for their own good” are called poisonous pedagogy by Alice Miller. Authority is an issue that is present in everyone’s life. We contend with the authority of our parents, caretakers, siblings, baby sitters, and school teachers. [We bring that authority issue into ALL of our coaching/mentor relationships. Conscious or no. How we handle authority has a lot to do with how we develop our inner authority.]

We are in a time where “the authority wound” is up for each of us especially at the Capricorn Full Moon + Pluto in Capricorn retrograde brings up the emotions that need healing.

How we navigate these emotions are very telling. Start journaling using these prompts:

  • Who was the central authority figure during your childhood?
  • What means did they use to establish authority?
  • Did you obey out of respect or fear?
  • How do you react today around this authority?
  • Did you rebel or obey? What influenced that change?
  • What form does the inner authority take in your life now?

Who is it fashioned after?

What choices am I making with my money story? Creating wealth with a conscious heart is about giving back it’s reciprocal in nature. Is your money story tied into the 3rd chakra energy of take, take, take? Or just making enough? Or feast or famine?

Look for the authority that issued this LIE.

If authority and money is fashioned after a coach or mentor, is it working for you?
How have your mentors, past/present, reflected your issues with authority?
What awareness do you have as you take these questions into your day?
How can you bring your own Authority into better alignment with your life? and finally…

What else is possible?