Me: Can I have this?

Mom: No, you’ll have to wait after we divide things up.

Up from Florida, the July air is heavy and musty standing in grandma’s New Jersey basement. On the old wooden shelves are a collection of dusty antique vases in luscious colors- teals, greens, pinks. The colors pull me in. The only thing I ask for… and maybe it was in the asking that mom immediately said no. The pottery is sold at the estate sale that summer.

A decade later I start healing the buried grief of grandma’s death; part of that healing was renovating our new mid-century modern house. Painting the walls, a pale dusty periwinkle, and a bit of soft buttery yellow. The kitchen white cabinets with glass doors display my blue willow dinner china, stacked on plate rails.

Mom walking into the kitchen “you’ve got the china displayed just like mother’s house at the shore.” Unconsciously I recreated the look and the feel of the Ocean City house I felt safest growing up. A sanctuary, the design and the colors helped me heal.

Then a Martha Stewart Living Magazine arrived showcasing Martha’s collection of vintage pottery. McCoy. The same pottery in my grandma’s basement!! Even today those colors still make me swoon- McCoy’s glazes in dusty shades of aqua and green. I have my own collection now that gives me great joy. The chrysanthemums. The hyacinths. The tulips. The lily bookends.

Dear Daughter and I went antiquing this weekend. Among the “this and that” I spied a little plaque on the wall… the colors pulled me in. A three-dimensional landscape, an oriole rises up off the plaque flying. All my favorite colors. JOY! JOY! JOY!

Sometimes colors come to you in service to help you heal. Offering a new awareness.

My invitation this week is to look around and see

  • What color is inspiring you?
  • What color calls to you? See a color once or twice. Again and again. This isn’t a coincidence, that color has a message.
  • What does the spirit of that color want you to know?

Go to the paint store and find the color in a chip or too.
Get out your paints and paint swatches of the color. Put the color around your house, let the color speak to you.
Go out in nature is the color there in a flower, bush or tree?

Seek curiosity this week.

May that color light you up and give you joy…