We meet at a memoir class at the local library. Peggy is in her late 60’s retired living in a well-appointed quiet trailer park on the edge of I595. She asks me to talk about shamanism to her women’s group… after that we become fast friends.

Peggy is a Bible quoting renaissance woman, not in a pretentious way. More like Mayberry’s Aunt Bea, she invites me to an astrology class happening at the hotel at the airport.

Knowing nothing about astrology I go because Peggy doesn’t want to go alone. Finding a seat near the front row….my birth chart sits on the table, when a Big Lebowski looking dude in front of me turns around picks it up…looks it over. While peering over the glasses at the end of his nose he says some things now long forgotten… his words leave me feeling like someone’s seen my underpants. That vulnerable place with a complete stranger stays with me when I go to meet clients, in that moment I decide no one sees my chart again unless I say it’s okay. Your birth chart is a sacred portal into your soul’s code.

The Teacher walks to the front of the room talking with ease telling the story of the moment. Presenting astrology like a weather report, in plain simple language. I’m mesmerized as she talks about Saturn changing signs, going into Aries for the first time in 28 years.

Suddenly I exclaim “Oh shit!!!”

The audience laughs. By way of my birth chart, The Teacher just explained the 3-year journey through my dark night of the soul experience. Of entering therapy, the spiritual awakening- the revealing.

About how the path of shamanism, breathwork and astrology spun me around all at once. Hooked the next decade every Monday evening finds me studying with The Teacher, a master storyteller who brings complex astrology into understandable portions of inspiration.

Sitting in her class riding waves of knowing, reading between the lines of what is being said. My shamanic journeys go off planet with the Council of Twelve. Light language aka symbolic codes found me.

Spirit tells me go this way…go that way. Start meeting with clients. Take this class. Take that class. Study with this Teacher. Read this book. Trusting I follow.

One day I ask spirit for a way clients can do their own soul retrievals, to wake up- to remember their bigness…

VisionKeeping™ by the light of the Moon is birthed; a self-led process that is different than anything you’ve ever tried.

It’s for tapping into your timing to take right action in life and business. This fall I’m launching the Beta VisionKeeping™ program in the next 45 days…you’re invited to sign-up.

Know it is not necessary for you to have a working knowledge of astrology or even know how to shamanic journey.

All you need to bring to VisionKeeping™ is your openness to the information presented- your heart’s desire will create the container for the experience to unfold magically in a deeply sacred way. I’m so excited to share this….

Wanna hear about VisionKeeping™ before everyone else does?

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