Up at the crack of dawn to catch a plane.
I arrive at the business event.
Meeting up with my friend.

We go to have lunch.
Arriving tired and hungry.
My friend sees a cohort she knows.
We sit down to have lunch together.
Doing the “introductions.”
I babble a bit.
Not expecting to be “ON.”

I take the woman’s business card.
Later that evening back in the hotel room….
Opening up my computer.
I check out the cohort’s website.

There’s a freshly written blog post
a scathing takedown
of my self introduction.
I’m her teachable moment.
Heat rises up my neck,
the criticism stings.

Suddenly I feel very small.
She’s right, my intro sucked.

Taking down a leader.
Taking down a friend.
Taking down a person.
Taking down a movement.

Making them small to make you feel bigger.
I grew up with a mother,
who said one thing in public and
then another thing to me in private.
I don’t do well with two-faced people.

Woo people, scanners, truth tellers
aka renaissance women may feel challenged
when It comes to self-introductions.

The bigness of our message…
What you offer often feels like
trying to sip water out of a fire hose.
I get it. I get you.

We are in the Leo season.
Of creativity. Risk.

What shows up first off this Leo New Moon maybe a wall of shame.
Barriers. False flags. Rudeness. Ego.
Who am I to speak this truth?
Who am I to be so bold?
What way are you taking yourself out of the game of life?

How does my BIGNESS leave me feeling vulnerable?
That is what is known as your BRIGHT shadow.
Spirit calling you to honoring the gifts, talents and capacities you were born with.
Rather than being dedicated to your inadequacies.
This week activate your Bright Shadow.
To your glory, grace and story.

If I carry all this light,
share my story I’ll be ____________ [you can fill in the blank].
First thought? Pull that awareness like unraveling a ball of string.
Who is at the end of the string?
A person. An Event. A decision your little one made.
To go invisible. To stay safe.
Play with that awareness for a day or two.
What pops up?

Your peeps, your community
needs the POWER of your PRESENCE.
Go be you.
All of you.

With joy,