There’s a lot of talk about cults. HBO Documentary about Nxivm. The Deep End about Teal Swan. The Jim Jones Story. All charismatic teachers | leaders who took their followers down a rabbit hole.

Maybe like me you’ve been in groups where there was real transformation. It can be a wonderful experience, until it isn’t. Over the last 30 years of being in the “new age” community I’d show up when the structure|system was breaking down. Breakdown to breakthrough. The first time it happened was devastating… I loved those teachers… yet I watched friends aka students experience psychic attack; my shamanic path- learning how to journey and source for myself- was attacked by the Teachers…that became a big red flag.

Communities that start strong and then collapse under the weight of unresolved shadow issues. Abuse. Money. Sex. Power.

I’ve performed soul retrievals for clients, students & teachers, focusing on restoration & resurrection. Most of my shamanic colleagues know what I’m talking about.

Staying Relevant. Where is the Teacher | Leader, wanting to stay relevant, pushes their process; trying to remake themselves, getting lost in the lie and the money?

When things go wrong…it can go wrong really fast. The shadow is the shadow. It shows up…or is hidden. There is a dark shadow and there is a light shadow. Within a person, within a group, within the collective… all of those shadows are activated at the moment. Pluto in Capricorn rules the breakdown of systems that have OUTLIVED their time. That may be one of the reasons you feel tired. Here are a few questions to ask:

Where am I synthesizing things for the community and not know it?
Where am I hooked into a system that no longer needs to exist yet is savaging my vital life force energy so it doesn’t collapse?
This may be happening in family systems, groups, coaching circles and in the collective.

Where am I in defending mode? You may want to check yourself until you can go to neutral. The entity of that shadow within the system wants expression. Shadow energy can be used for good, it can be used for inflicting more trauma\drama. There’s a choice. Keep asking questions.

The way through it is get creative. Dance it. Sing it. Paint it. Journal it. Throw and image at it! Create a SoulCollage® or two that expresses the energy of the “thing.” Send “it” right on out of your body. Return to sender. Transmute it, transform it.

When your spiritual leader jumps into the rabbit hole, hides that shadow part of him or herself trying to keep the status quo… you have to have your wits about you to make your way through the energy of it. If you are in defense…then what’s the ask of you?

My dear friend Angella Johnson shared this… “Instead of raising your vibration, heal your vibration.”
Heal it for yourself, your family and the community you serve.

The Virgo New Moon
Saturday, August 27th at 4:17 AM Eastern

Why follow the New Moon? The archetype of the Moon connects you to emotions and feelings. A New Moon asks for introspection because in the dark of the moon you can find out where you are stuck, what’s holding you back, and how to move through it. By making a bold intention at the New Moon whatever is in the way of that intention will rise up for healing.

Moving Spirit into Matter = The Grace of Form

Pisces = Spirit. Virgo = Form. Virgo is the energy you need to move your hopes, wishes, dreams – spiritual intentions – into Form. Virgo’s energy calls you to move your creative ideas, inklings and inspirations into matter. Birth it. Give it form.

“September is the new January.”– Gretchen Rubin, the Happiness Project

Let’s recap the last two New Moons:

The Cancer New Moon connected you to deep feelings, the desire to feel safe and protected. Too often as healers, teachers and intuitive women we diminish our inner knowing and abdicate our ideas for someone else’s agenda. Most times it’s the loudest person in the room that gets heard. Not trusting our inner guidance; we go quiet for various reasons. For your inner muse to show up you must have clear boundaries so you can expand safely. You need support with a trusted ally. Okay so you handled that stuff…now for the good mojo!

The Leo New Moon tapped into your shadow issues with creativity, innovating, taking a risk. I want to create! I want to dance! I want to paint! I want to feel! For those in the Creative Healing Arts- healers, teachers, artists, therapists, coaches and spirit-led women brush off your bold, brash Self to take a stand, and claim your land. Land being your creative space.

In Virgo we enter into the Land of the systems, the to-do’s, the form, the structure.

The New Moon in Virgo feels like you’re ready to link up to your own source code. Yours. Not someone else’s. What you came to share and teach is unique. It’s time to give spirit form to work with and through you. You need clarity, your need systems. You need a mentor.

Virgo’s energy calls you to move your creative ideas, inklings and inspirations into matter. Blazing new trails, new thoughts and new ideas may feel a bit chaotic- that’s where your Virgo comes into play.

You need a strong Virgo to ground your ideas and put them into action. Birth it. Give it form. Ground. Connect. Empower. It’s the place of abundance where your inner manifestor dwells.

“I am one who does not follow where the path leads, but goes where there is no path. I am forging new trails.”

24 hours before the New Moon what is the ask? Write down or collage your three intentions. Release them at the New Moon. Then watch what unfolds over the next couple of weeks leading to the Pisces Full Moon on September 10th, 2022.

To your success!

With joy,

P.S. Pluto moved through the sign Virgo (1957-1972). Last night I woke up with the “ask” to share about Pluto in Virgo and this New Moon in Virgo on Saturday. You may need to look at your birth chart. 

Pluto moving through a sign takes that area of your life apart; dismembers what is no longer needed. Pluto is a transformer, each generation came to dismember something depending on the sign where Pluto sits.

Where Pluto is in your chart you hold the greatest power, but first you must move through the fear. If you were born with Pluto in Virgo, this is the time to look at how you are are called to share this generational energy…look to the house in your birth chart where pluto sits. If you have Pluto on the 4th house, then you may be a transformer of the Home, there is a lineage piece you are clearing for the family. If you have Pluto in the 9th house your teachership is important because you may have the systems to birth a new paradigm. There’s untapped potential waiting for you to say yes. There’s also a story to be told.

Pluto takes a good long time in a sign, spending 12 to 32 years in each sign. Like water wearing away at a rock eventually the rock gives way. Pluto moved through the sign Virgo (1957-1972). You’ll want to check your birth chart to see where Pluto is for you- he may have retrograded back into Leo for a bit the first two years). May-July of 1972 he was in Libra.

This lunation- the Virgo New Moon highlights what the Pluto in Virgo generation came to lead|teach|share. Getting caught up in the need for perfection can irritate the hell out of you at this new moon; there is an ask to dive a bit deeper.

Where am I caught up in the mundane of everyday life?
Where am I fixated on what’s not working?
What is the ask of my Pluto at this moment?