Do you know your creative time of the year? When it’s time to build, when it’s time to rest?

This is the time of the year where I creatively hit things out of the park. The creative timing aligns with my birth chart and things flow. Here’s a snapshot of our proposed kitchen remodel. I’m moving walls, building out a new pantry and moving the sink to the island. Everything that has to do with building is still in flux because of the pandemic.

Currently I’m working on launching VisionKeeping™ (to teach YOU how to tap into your creative timing) along with finding a contractor for our kitchen renovation. BTW I could use your energetic help… please hold the vision of a great contractor showing up to work together.
Last month two guys came to look at the kitchen job. I explained “I need this wall taken down, new electrical run and a new wall to create a pantry. It’s pretty simple.” They got their tape measure out when I handed them the architectural drawings- plan|elevations|notes|rendering.

Me: “Here you can draw on these….”
Them: “Wow, who drew these?”
Me: “I did.”

Truth is….

I love to build things! Houses. Businesses. Art.

I used to make myself wrong because I like to do a lot of different things. I’d start a project, then pivot. I’d lose interest after learning all I could about something. Sitting in the hospital after giving birth to our daughter, my husband hands me the notice that I passed my residential contractors exam. It’s a hard test, with a high fail rate. At the time I was the only woman in a sea of 600 men; so pregnant I can barely reach the table.

My plan? to flip houses (circa 1989)… then the economy crashed, babies take a lot of time to raise, and the contractor thing went on hold.

As a young interior designer I didn’t know what I was doing so I’d ask a lot of questions. Tradesmen where my best teachers. These are good men who love to teach and collaborate; then there are scammers who will lie.

For our last kitchen renovation in 2014 I pulled the permit, moved a doorway and build out the walls along with contracting the subs. We striped the kitchen back to the studs; then after the electrical and plumbing was complete- it was time to hire a drywaller. I estimated 18-20 sheets of 5/8x4x8 drywall.

An installer walked the job with me and quoted a price of $5,000. I told him “no it’s a $1,500 job.” He stormed out of the house angry, calling my husband at work “Your wife is crazy- that job can’t be done for $1,500.” My husband put the man in his place-told him my credentials along with some choice words. The next day a new drywall guy came, looked at the job and quoted $1,500. Bingo, he got the job.

In construction and business, as a builder of dreams I like to take things apart and figure out why they’re not working so we can course correct. Maybe you’re like me? Are you a renaissance woman aka scanner* who likes to do a lot of different things to keep from getting bored? I may work on my website, work on the kitchen plans, go back to working on the launch. It’s the mixing up of things and building that gives me great joy.

Have you explored the energy of a scanner? I highly recommend the book Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher and Renaissance Soul-How to make passion your life by Margaret Lobenstine. BTW I’ve completed coach training in Margaret’s process, if you’d like to talk about being a Scanner let me know.

Where are you locking yourself into just one thing when your soul longs to learn and play?
When did you stop playing? I’d love to hear your aha around the stop, just hit reply.
Are you following your joy?

Why do you love about what you’re doing? I’d love to hear your why just hit reply.

With joy,

*What is a Scanner?

Scanners love to read and write, to fix and invent things, to design projects and businesses, to cook and sing, and to create the perfect dinner party. (You’ll notice I didn’t use the word “or,” because Scanners don’t love to do one thing or the other; they love them all.) A Scanner might be fascinated with learning how to play bridge or bocce, but once she gets good at it, she might never play it again. One Scanner I know proudly showed me a button she was wearing that said, “I Did That Already.”

To Scanners the world is like a big candy store full of fascinating opportunities, and all they want is to reach out and stuff their pockets.

It sounds wonderful, doesn’t it? The problem is, Scanners are starving in the candy store. They believe they’re allowed to pursue only one path. But they want them all. If they force themselves to make a choice, they are forever discontented. But usually Scanners don’t choose anything at all. And they don’t feel good about it.” – Barbara Sher, Refuse to Choose