You know that morning hour of sleeping and waking… betwixt and between? Today was one of those times when the past shows up. I teach you how to follow Jupiter’s movement in your life. Here’s one of the reasons why I find the 12-year Jupiter cycle so compelling.

Jupiter calls us to expand into something- a creative process- there’s the ask and the choice. Where you are born with Jupiter you are the attractor. It’s a magnifying force, your personal Midas touch. At the moment of my birth Jupiter in Leo was meeting up with Pluto in Leo (death/rebirth) in the 10th house at 27°- late degrees in a sign are considered fated.

Issues around death, dying and beyond would be a catalyst of my greater work in the world.

When I was 12 years old my grandmother was killed by a drunk driver. Her death shocked me… the first in a series of cascading events that occurred that Spring (Aries Equinox).

My beautiful grandmother was considered “only” a step grandmother by the adults around me; as she was my grandfather’s third wife. Together they built a custom home from House Beautiful floor plans, it was not only stunning but also warm and inviting. Mary Ellen’s passion was collecting antiques and restoring them in her basement. Her presence lent stability to my undiagnosed bipolar grandfather. When mom and I visited, she talked to me as a friend while serving me “big girl” coffee. Once we moved closer, I would often stop by to chat.

Decades after her death I walked into Kmart, when a stunning jet-black haired woman abruptly cut in front of me. The whole experience felt like an apparition, angelic. A tap on the shoulder “Michele it’s time to wake up to the truth of the medicine you carry.”

The woman in Kmart carried the same vibe as my grandmother; seeing her or the reflection of her brought up many buried feelings I had around her death. The sadness and grief. The joy of our connection. But more to the point the contradiction of my parents and grandfather; how they acted one way in private and another way in public. Keeping the family secrets secret.

Soul loss and how it may show up…

It is said you are as sick as the secrets you carry. As children we carry those secrets as a kindness to our parents, and an unkindness to us. This soul loss shows up in the body, mind and spirit. There are crossroads where you get to make a choice– soldier on like generations have done before you in love or with love start to release the gunk that binds us to the lies.

Jupiter is that alchemical solvent that dissolves long standing gunk between you and the ancestors. He changes signs every year, and within that year there is an ask-“Here’s what happened then, now what you are going to do with the awareness?”

For me the Jupiter cycle, the experience as a deathwalker is one experience of many that led me to the shamanic path. My near-death experience at age three gave me insights into energies I wasn’t ready for or didn’t have the words to describe. That talent, gift and capacity went into hiding. My grandmother’s death was a breadcrumb I left along the way to say, “pay attention to what was happening then, and the choices made for you.” What needs to be surrendered?

Even as an interior designer I was designing Hospice and long-term care facilities. Then as a shamanic practitioner my helping allies were very clear on what courses I needed to study-Death, dying and beyond along with training in Compassionate Heart-centered Depossession and Curse breaking.

Jupiter rules the 2nd Chakra in the body. “In alchemy Jupiter/Tin embodies qualities of wisdom, logic, education, and maturity.” The seat of procreation and creativity.

For my friends, clients and students tracking Jupiter’s movement is a gift. There is a story waiting to be revealed and healed.

Your voice, the power of your presence has the potential to change lives. What is the ask of Jupiter? Start there. May you Doodle your way into grace, ease and joy.

With love,

Click here to access my guide Doodle your Passion. How can I out create myself using the Jupiter as a guide?

I started using astrology in my life to heal and empower; the cycles helped me understand where I lost power in living life and then course correct. You don’t have to know astrology or even your chart details, allow what is shared to unfold. Listen to the audio, play with in the doodles. Asking…what is Jupiter’s message in my life and business?