2-day training with small business owners. Paired up with a sharp well dressed man who’s business is marketing.

We share what we do in pretend sales conversation. He barely engages me. 6 years in. Talking about what he does there’s no passion. I start asking questions, my intuition kicks in, hearing what’s not being said.

The trainer says give the person feedback. Okay. Truth. Soul loss happens in business. I know this. I’ve been there. Know what it feels like. I told him what he was not saying, what I heard between the lines. The something. The missing piece. He turns bright red, takes a breath. Leans in. Listens.

I don’t remember what I said, all I know is he was lighter after our conversation, thanking me for the big aha.

Your business evolves. It changes. Who you are today, is not who you were yesterday. Slumps happen. It’s part of the process.

Getting stuck in the slump means you’ve lost your spark. Healers don’t be afraid to go to business meetings, outside your element. You are a small business owner. More to the point, business owners need what you have to share.