From a magazine photo shoot for Women in Commercial Real Estate. Circa 1987. #tbt

Women in Business couldn’t get a line of credit at the bank.

My client referred me to his bank, met with the Bank’s President then secured a $50K line of credit (today that would be $120K).

As an interior architectural firm I had over a million square feet of commercial office space under contract. If you rented office space in Broward County, you’d sit down with my team. We worked with corporations and startups Waste Management, Subway, LoJack, Budget Rent-a-Car, Blockbuster Video.

Designing your office we’d turn over the space plans in 24-48 hours. Construction documents in two weeks. The Autocad system to produce those drawings cost $15,000 (software now costs $1,400).

I had a wonderful team, men were my allies and collaborators. All this started with a vision in the spare bedroom of my townhouse.