A client comes to her healing session showing me a beautifully colored 3×5 index card. The style reminds me of an antique Victorian greeting card. A Chinese man is seemingly coming out of the foggy mists, the details are exquisite.

“I went to see this guy…and he creates the cards. He’s holding sessions this weekend if you want to go.”

Fascinated I make the reservation…. showing up at the small church meeting room in the back of a storefront. There are 15-20 people of us there to see this fella’s presentation. I’m not sure what is going to happen.

Then the plain dressed man of the hour walks into the room and stands at the podium; he starts speaking about his spiritual guide. He talks about love and joy.

Then he unwraps a new pack of white index cards bought at Office Depot….he asks an audience member to verify the cards are blank. Then like a magician he shows us an empty lidded wicker basket before tossing the index cards into the basket.

He then throws random art media- colored pencils, colored pens, pencils, crayons…all go into the basket that is now closed. He shakes the basket, puts it on the table and then starts speaking about love…and connecting with your spiritual guides. He channels information and answers questions from the audience.

I remember none of what is said.

Fifteen minutes later he opens the basket and starts pulling the cards out of the basket. Each previously white card is now colored with different pictures.

Each audience member is CALLED by name (the name is written on the back of the index card). I walk up as my name is called…. and handed a picture card.

My card shows a painted a deep indigo blue sky contrasting with the dusty rust-golden colored wheat field. In the sky white birds flying over the land. My index card is also beautifully hand colored- I can even see the colored pencil marks. Turning the index card over there are 5-6 signatures in different handwriting, script and color. One signature leaps out at me.

Stay tuned for part two tomorrow.