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For over 40 years I’ve worked with clearing and healing clients and their interior spaces, both as an interior designer and feng shui practitioner.

I’ve got inspiring stories to share along with practical skills you can implement right away with clients, family and friends.

I’m bringing this body of knowledge to the Compassionate Spirit Release Course.

  • What does it take to clear space and place?
  • What does a psychic attack look and feel like?
  • How do you heal and empower yourself and the client?​

In the Compassionate Spirit Release Course you will learn how to diagnose and remedy foreign energy, energetic cords, and intentional and unintentional curses. You will also discover the role that negative thoughtforms play in compounding shamanic illness, as well as the difference between feeling and sending emotions. Finally you will be taught ways to remain sovereign in body and mind so you can do your healing work in the world in a joyful way.

There are NO prerequisites to this course… shamanic journeying is helpful but not required. This is a beta offering, I.e. the first time I’ve taught this body of work after working with the principles in both client and groups settings— I’m excited!

You’ll know if you’re supposed to take the course. It’ll be a full body YES thing. And yes there may be a bit of hesitation, that’s normal. What I do know is the energies are still ramping up and your clients and students need this type of work from you.


  • It’s an empowerment experience. This is NOT an Exorcist class. There are no battles aka Hollywood bullsh#$5t. It’s not a religious thing.
  • You’ll learn how to recognize, and heal misplaced energergies in the body and the field.
  • The core teaching is learning how to shepherd the energies on their way, safely for your client and you, in a compassionate loving way.
  • Shamanic Space Clearing and Healing, you’ll learn how to clear space for yourself and your clients. A housekeeping experience that facilitates the client’s healing.

This is a Beta experience meaning it’s the first time I’m teaching the content. There are 4-modules along with an exchange session as both the client and the healer. Gifting and receiving.

  • Module 1: Finding your Way.
  • Module 2: Curse Breaking & Lineages.
  • Module 3: Cords. Clearings. Shells.
  • Exchange: 3-Hour Practice Exchange as Client | Healer
  • Module 4: Space Clearing + Healing the Land working. You’ll learn how to clear space for yourself and your clients. A housekeeping experience that facilitates the client’s healing. (Note this will be a separate course starting in 2022).
  • Module 5: Wrap up and Implementing the work.

Why me? After the NDE at age three I could see the energies on people, but didn’t know what to do. It’s the not knowing what to do that causes problems. Today I am well trained in this field of work. If you have any questions… ask away, click the purple box on the bottom left hand side of this page.

Bonus: The June Mid-Year Initiate Retreat (Value $97) when you register for this course.