About Mercury Retrograde

Moving backward to in order to go forward…

Mercury retrogrades several times a year offering you a time out to tweak things that aren’t working. Refresh things that are working.

Mercury goes retrograde in Virgo Tuesday August 30th 2016. This week back up computers and check all the plumbing connections in your house. Hoses to the washing machine. A/C Heating. Hot water heaters. This next 40 days asks for you to connect to form and function. Earth. Energy. It’s a time to amp up your connection to the Earth and the deep emotions = blocked water (emotional) issues in the body. Many healers and spirit-led women are already feeling the intensity building.

It’s a time to go inward, to not push a project or process through. The first 10-11 days of a Mercury retrograde can be challenging so back up computers, get paperwork in order. Those first ten days your conscious mind is out to lunch (along with everyone else on the planet). We live in a community, so we all have company in the global experience. Honor the process and your life pulse. Stop pushing to make things happen, go with the flow.  The second 10-11 days of a Mercury Rx usually brings a new layer of awareness.

It is a time to let your creative juices flow- mind map, journal and collage- express the energy in whatever way calls to you.

Mercury is the Messenger. He rules the throat chakra. Truth telling. Speaking up. Speaking out. Networking. Communicating. Mental acuity.

Multitasking is part of our everyday life.

Mercury Rx likes to throw a wet blanket over your to-do list issuing a “TIME OUT”.  Watch your reaction/ response as you keep pushing through the challenge. Surrender. Take some down time…don’t push. Be in silence. Watch for divine downloads- you don’t want to miss the opportunity the moment offers by being so busy you miss the message(r).

You don’t have to ‘know’ astrology to understand a Mercury retrograde, in fact you’ll hear people talking about it, even in the media. During a Mercury Retrograde you are called to become the Observer. Mercury rules the signs Gemini and Virgo. Think of the symbol for the sign Gemini– the two pillars that create a third way-a doorway– a symbolic doorway– the place of betwixt and between where the mystery lives. How do you move through that doorway? Surrender.

The archetype of Mercury represents the inner communicator. Mercury is known as the trickster. Symbolically the archetype of Mercury is represented by the winged messenger; related to thoughts, intelligence and reason. How you put concepts together that creates innovative solutions to the problems at hand. Mercury is the messenger between spirit and matter. Multidimensional energy we tend to discount in everyday life.

Mercury rules the 3rd House in your birth chart- unhealed issues with siblings and neighbors, the world beyond your parents as a little child that one carries into adulthood. Anywhere in your thought process that is govern by black and white thinking…I’m right, you’re wrong energy.

Words have the power to harm or heal, and Mercury relates to the power of speech. Mercury in the body relates to our 5th chakra, the throat chakra- the Will center- which governs the ability to speak my truth in a clear, concise, healing way; Mercury asks now what do I want? Indecision is the shadow side of the 5th Chakra.

In Virgo we separate the wheat from the chaff, we distill the black and white thinking of Gemini so our thought process becomes clearer as we edit and sort focusing our intentions.

Two weeks prior to the actual Mercury retrograde, Mercury goes into it’s shadow, this is your chance to figure out what is tweaking you (angry, frustrated, out of sorts). That ‘stew’ of emotions leading up to the retrograde (Rx) is a key to what needs your attention to be healed and transformed.

It’s a time to de-clutter our toxic thoughts usually based on unconscious fears. The transformation of thought is what The Law of Attraction speaks to in their teachings.

A Mercury retrograde offers both a challenge and an opportunity to slow down, figure out the internal chatter- is my inner dialog serving or diminishing my life plan? Then use the time to make the necessary changes to get back on track.

During a Mercury Retrograde you may find yourself making a SoulCollage® card that reflects your issues with speaking, truth telling, siblings, air, wind.

Mercury the alchemical change agent asks “how do I digest the information I take in?” Mercury retrograde gives us a do-over period, it’s the Universe’s way to say stop the car and look at the road map asking- “am I heading in the right direction?”

While Mercury is retrograding our conscious mind is out to lunch and collectively we are not operating at full steam- it’s a time of “introspection and investigation.” (Wickenburg, p. 123) There’s a reason why you don’t start projects or sign contracts. And why during a retrograde it gets a bit chaotic, everyone’s unconsciously checking their road map! *smile*