SoulCollage® I am the One who is in flight and travels many worlds Meg was a truth seeker in her late 60’s, and elder when I met her over a decade ago…she introduced herself at a memoir writing workshop held at the library. She ran a weekly women’s circle and during the mid-morning break we struck up a conversation. I shared a bit about my healing work, she invited me to speak to her women’s group. Meg introduced me to astrology-she took me to my first class back in 1995.

While Meg was involved in all things metaphysical, she had a deep love for Jesus Christ's teachings and the Bible; she stood in both worlds attending traditional church service and teaching Sunday school class. A seasoned woman, who had a fascinating view of life her counsel helped me in healing the split I had over walking in two worlds. Older people carry wisdom, and too often we don’t take time to really listen.

A couple of weeks after my talk to her group about power loss and soul retrieval, Meg called for a shamanic session. When I greeted her at the front door I noticed her hair was flat and she looked very tired. Meg was taking care of several people in her community- shepherding them to Doctors appointment, listening and lending spiritual comfort in times of illness and transition.

After the diagnostic journey my Helping Spirit said a power animal retrieval was needed. Meg was excited…we lay down side-by-side with drumming in the background and I journeyed to the Lower World on her behalf. I traveled for a bit with my Teacher, and then found myself in a ancient room with brown earthen walls. The place had one arched window and wooden door. Several men in robes sat around a simple wooden table in discussion.

At the head of this wooden table sat Jesus the Christ, it was then I realized it was a meeting with Christ and his disciples…[oh my] I explained my reasons for coming and then Christ said watch this…each Disciple shape shifted into an animal. Christ transformed into a Dove…suddenly I was surrounded by sparkles and hundreds of white doves cooing all around me. It was magical and humbling, it was then my Helping Spirit said "Meg’s power animal is a Dove." The Dove brings her peace of mind and heart, a renewed vibrancy for life and supporting others in her lay ministry.

I journeyed back, and blew the essence of the Dove and the loving message into Meg’s heart and crown chakra. After rattling Meg popped back up. Her countenance looked relaxed, her blue eyes were brighter and now twinkled. She shared- "I saw myself flying with a big bird…I know my power animal is an eagle." I listened and then shared the story- "The power animal that has come to support you at this time is a Dove, the dove brings you peace of mind and heart, a renewed vibrancy for life as you minister to others." Meg was crying tears of joy telling me Doves had always been with her, on a trip to Italy in the Vatican she was moved by a stained glass image of the Doves… her heart and mine was very full.

At astrology class a week later we ran into each other, the first thing I noticed was her hair, it was all fluffed up..she laughed "I have a lot more energy now for getting things done. I can feel my Dove and the Holy Spirit with me." Meg went on to sign up for a hypnotherapy training, another way to support her family and elderly friends.

There is no separation of the realities of seen and unseen, and [my] work as a healer is rooted in the belief that it is not what we "do" that heals, but what we allow ourselves to become. As Jesus taught, the realm of the Divine is within each of us and it is there that we can access the infinite compassion of Mystery. It does not matter what tradition we are immersed in, but that we encounter that Mystery and Spirit within.- Karen Furr, shamanic friend and former Franciscan Sister

I was raised in a Christian home…sang in church choir from the age of four, and carry Christ in my heart- I knew the story of Jesus and the Dove but what the Disciples did in the journey surprised me. After Meg’s session I researched to find that early Christian symbols for the four evangelists are:

  • angel[Matthew], lion[Mark], bull or ox [Luke] and eagle [John].
  • The fish, dove, peacock and the phoenix can represent eternal life = resurrection.
  • That pure symbols of Christ are bull, dolphin, eagle, fish, griffin, lamb, pelican, phoenix and unicorn. (The Encyclopedia of Christianity devotes a whole chapter to Animals, pages 261-263).

One of the best book for working with animal omens is the classic book Animal-Speak
by Ted Andrews.

Passover and Easter Celebrations are a time for renewal and rebirth…What animals have shown up in your life lately as harbingers? More importantly what messages do they bring?