Nmjheader150 Many who work with the star energies have asked for an astrological report for the new and full moons prior to posting. This is useful for shamanic journey circles, creativity groups and such. Stepping into the information ahead of the energies can better serve your clients and students.

Lunation Report:

A synopsis of the current lunation including charts [whole house] for both new and full moons written by shamanic astrologer Michele Lessirard. It can be customized, just tell me what you want included.

After a personal session and teachings with Demetra George the charts I
work with are based on the Whole House system, and located at
Washington, DC.

The report shall be issued ten (10) days prior to each New Moon, five days before it is posted to the New Moon Journal.

Three (3) months subscription rate costs $65

To start receiving the lunar reports payment must be received 10 days prior to the next New Moon. That gives you ample time to work with the information.

This tag line must appear at the end of each report:

© 2009 Reprinted with permission from The New Moon Journal written by shamanic astrologer and teacher Michele Bailey-Lessirard.

And the credit page shall read:

Michele Bailey-Lessirard is an artist, astrologer, shamanic practitioner and teacher. For over a decade she has written about the moon and the stars, performed hundreds of soul retrievals and taught through out the United States. She invites you to “come explore the magic of the moment and the mystery of you found in bits of paper and glue through the New Moon SoulCollage® process online at The New Moon Journal-http://www.newmoonjournal.blogs.com”