Acorn-harvest the seeds

Yesterday the Sun moved into Libra signifying the shift from summer to fall, it's harvest time. Following the cycles and rhythm astrology offers during the fall months [Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius] now is the time to gather seed thoughts for planting next spring.

  • Libra-In Libra we seek a balance in our relationships-who am I in relationship to you? Do I merge too much, do I keep a distance? Look for the why? out of fear, lack of trust?
  • Scorpio– After seeing what is out of whack in the way you relate there is an opportunity in Scorpio to face the death of the old way, let go and surrender what no longer works.
  • Sagittarius– After the clearing- hopefully you did let go- by mid-November when the Sun moves through Sag we find new courage to expand into new territory-You are ready to take a risk. Fall is a time of dismemberment, of letting go and trusting the outcome as we head into the dark of winter.

Mercury Goes Direct Tuesday, September 29th:

To forge a new path [now and certainly next spring at the planting] we need clear thinking and focus. Mercury retrograding through Libra and Virgo [September 7-29] is spotlighting our fixed rigid beliefs that hold us back from living the dream.

When Mercury moved into it's shadow on August 17th my 'yes but thinking' came up for clearing. Angeles Arien in the Tarot Handbook talks about "the state of mind that produces futility, or a sense of helplessness, hopelessness or "what's the use". As Mercury moves through his final ta-dah I offer up her version of the six excuses or ways we self-sabotage related to the planetary signs:

  • Saturn- look for "yes but" thinking- focusing on too much red tape or too many details.
  • Mercury- "I can't…if only…someday I'll…wish I'd a…"
  • Jupiter- "I'm not lucky…it's too constricted…too limiting for me."
  • Mars- "I don't have enough energy, vitality and assertiveness." "I'm too tired, poor, unworthy."
  • Venus- "I really don't care…it doesn't mean anything to me anyway."
  • Sun/Moon- consciously and subconsciously sabotaging yourself out of doing what it is you long to do."

From mid-August to the New Moon in Virgo we encountered Mercury's do-over- maybe you encountered your own 'yes-but' thinking along the way.

If not, why not? If you're living and breathing you have a shadow… if you are acting as if every thing's okay- well it's either "good for you" or maybe you missed a fine opportunity to be rubbed raw to become real.

Michele's SoulCollage® card

Next Tuesday September 29th Mercury turns direct at 22° Virgo and returns to 7° Libra on October 14th. Think of it this way- I go grocery shopping, drove home and then remembered I forgot a key ingredient at the store …I put my car in reverse and drove backward. When Mercury goes direct next Tuesday I get to see all the sights again with a new attitude and fresh eyes. I arrive back home on the October 14th.

Mercury's spotlights the way we self-sabotage so we can move forward with a better mind-set.

Angeles also shares the remedy- The next seven weeks [fall harvest] you are no longer willing to sabotage what it is that you want to manifest. Seven is the number of movement.

The self-sabotage energy may be related to the thinking set into motion at age seven, that may have surfaced seven months and even seven years ago. So I offer the from Chaos to Consciousness SoulCollage® card.

Make the Libra journey sacred:

  • Move- get outside, take walks and look for acorns to place on your altar at home.
  • Create a ritual to let go of prior relationships [look for chaos] that still holds you back- write or draw the energy and then release it in a fire ceremony.
  • Take a business approach to the energy- Pam Slim has suggestions here.
  • As you place the acorns (any seed will do) on your altar- what do these seeds do they represent? Hold them on you heart and invoke that intention.
  • Create your Libra SoulCollage® card for this month's energy. Listen for how the number seven shows up in your life…

References: The Tarot Handbook: practical applications of ancient visual symbols by Angeles Arien pages 158-159