Are you ready for the Scorpio New Moon SoulCollage® Intentions? Fall is the time of shedding. Here in Central Florida the beautiful Oak trees are shedding their acorns. On an energetic level you may be shedding something-dealing with an issue that is ready to be taken to the next level, released and surrendered too (Scorpio) based on the way you think (Mercury)?

Last March you planted a vision, set things into motion. How has that thinking manifested in the here and now? The task in the Scorpio energies is gather seed intentions for planting next spring.

Let go so you can harvest- a new project, a new way of being. Here is the theme for the Scorpio energy… Taurus/Scorpio are fixed signs that work as a pair. Taurus asks you to have value, brings up issues of worthiness. In Taurus we like to have things around us that give us comfort and reflect who we are. We are concerned with getting results. This signs builds.

In order to build one must have a firm foundation. It’s hard to build a dream on a garbage pile of low self worth. Shadow dance- it’s time to look for hidden pockets of Shame.

How do you chase money? Do you catch it? Can’t hold onto it? In your birth chart this sign’s energy brings up your sense of value, self-esteem and of course self-worth issues.

YeeHa! Taurus and the 2nd house represents our early childhood experiences/programing. Keys to unlocking the Taurus door may be related to the energies of SHAME:

  • Holding in from shame and humiliation. (I won’t be seen)
  • Holding back from lack of trust/safety. (I won’t surrender)
  • Holding up from being told to submit. (I won’t submit).

These early childhood lessons are tied to self-esteem, self-worth, and value. Energetically stubborn we carry this wounded child energy into adulthood, unconsciously. Asleep at the wheel we don’t surrender thus we sabotage our dreams. Scorpio is all about the energetic death and rebirth nature mirrors for us. Eighth house Scorpio is ruled by Mars, and Pluto, the Transformer. Scorpio’s energy helps us access the stuck, stagnant places that keep you and I from living our dreams. Scorpio represents stagnant water around us and within us related to the shame. Emotions that are stuck in the body because of fear and trauma. Release the waters, transform by surrendering.

Scorpio, the sign with the stinger, is adored and feared, desired and reviled. Why does this sign evoke such intense responses in many people, even those who know little about astrology? It is the season, I think. You know, Halloween, the Day of the Dead, falling leaves, shrinking days. Scorpio is a reminder that things must die so that others may be born. It is a remembrance of our mortality and the impossibility of cheating death. It is sex and death, clinging lovers in the dance of life, the passion of connection that leads to conception, the urge to merge that brings babies, the natural rhythms blotted out by electric lights and medical technology. –  Mountain Astrologer Magazine

Scorpio may relate to your issues with:

  • I am the One who is comfortable with Power. Power to transform. All forms of empowerment- secrets, politics, psychology and charisma.
  • I am the One who transforms. Change-agent for eliminating old baggage, change restoration and forgiveness
  • I am the One who lives in Crisis. I take risks to gain power. May be related to compulsions, obsessions, intense interactions and living on the edge.
  • I am the One who understands my muck. Composting, taking garbage and making fertilizer- fuel for new growth.
  • I am the One who is a Master. Issues of self-mastery- good versus evil, strength, self-discipline, commitment, depth of character.
  • I am the One who is yearns to merge. Exploring bonding- the urge to merge through sex, drugs, rock and roll; absorption, the power of merging, soul mates, deep emotional connection and mutual validation.
  • I am the One who counts on other peoples money. Issues of financial partnerships- loans, taxes, debts, grants, wills and inheritance, contracts and business. The caution-make sure you value yourself in these relationships.
  • Shadow- I am the One who uses Power over others. Bending your will to mine. misuse of power- revenge, jealousy, harsh judgments, destructive urges, power struggles, abandonment, suspicion and guilt.
  • Restoring health through elimination processes- rectum, colon, bladder, PMS and menstruation, sexual diseases and the sexual organs- male and female.

Are you a parent of a Pluto in Scorpio Child? How are you managing your own Scorpio energies?

“Children born from 1984-1995 were born with Pluto in Scorpio. As a generation these children feel for the entire human race, and its evolution- they seemingly are very prophetic in nature. Some have shut themselves off from very deep emotions, quite withdrawn and deeply introspective…These children were born old, and wise from early on, with a heavy burden on their collective shoulders. They were born, and in the next breath, they were adults….They will be battling a collective sense of futility, potentially very pessimistic. They know what is REAL. You cannot lie to them, or gloss over the truth, since they already know what truth is, warts and all….The consciousness of these children is clearly advanced, but right now, their bodies and emotions aren’t quite ready to receive the message from Pluto. There is immense power and energy that they will have, and are receiving, collectively. Some are already tuning in – others are in the acting out process and manifesting the darker nature of Pluto, in a destructive manner.”

These Scorpio energies are working and learning us as we approach the New Moon in Scorpio.  Pay attention. You don’t have to be an astrologer or an artist to work with the New Moon SoulCollage® process. Get a couple of magazines, a glue stick and some blank paper. Create a card.

If you have any questions please use the comment form below. Let me know how this practice is working for you.

Go for the harvest!



Rev. Michele Lessirard, C.Ht. is Founder and Director of the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs- the AsWeConnect community. She is an artist, inter-faith minister, shamanic teacher. Since 1995 she has preformed hundreds of Soul Retrievals, teaches through out the United States and is recognized for her ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects that are mirrored through one’s day-to day relationships with family, home and work.