Taurus Collage-chasing the money In today’s world the Way of the Healer is to create a viable presence on the web that translates into money so you can better serve your self, your family and community. Well paid so you can invest that money back into your community. Word of warning this is a rant of sorts…

There is a Full Moon in Taurus on Monday, November 2nd, 2009. Full moons bring a release of energy. I left the Money Marketing and Soul intensive frustrated with my tribe of healers especially in light of what happened last month in Sedona. We are playing small…and here’s my reasons why.

I entered a tribal culture that holds the vibrational energy of chicken mentality. You may be a healer, a minister, a therapist, a coach [these are all forms of healing] can can relate to what I am going to share.

Somehow there’s a belief that Poor healers/shamans equal good healers. Last month on FaceBook a friend said his shamanic mentor tells students [I’m paraphrasing] “Don’t expect to make a living as a full time shamanic healer, it’s only a part-time practice, you need to get a real job.”

Are you kidding me? That mentor put together a marketing tier that brings in roughly $15,000 per student. Your healership training does not come cheap. Okay this made me very angry.

Brokeback healer is a belief I’ve heard one too many times sitting in circle, it’s an image that needs to be dismembered especially in light of the times we are living. Old paradigm. If you are angry with people who have money, then you are part of the chicken mentality mindset. It keeps us living small.

Money is a vibrational energy, you allow it into your life to
enrich you, or you repel it because of your tribal conditioning,
Kendall writes-“Money only amplifies who you are, it does not add or
take away.”

The problem is no one trained you in the business of healing; how to take your skill set out into the world…yes the business of being a healer-selling yourself and your gifts through soul-based marketing.

Dances with Chickens

Heart-centered gifted Healers do good things with their money, so why isn’t abundance flowing into your life by way of money? Be honest with yourself…are you carrying a chicken mentality? I have published the New Moon Journal since 1998, and the most commented posts are always about money, especially the BrokeBack Healer postings.

In tribal cultures the shaman was paid in chickens. Livestock was valued and that chicken had great worth. It was an exchange of energy that said what you offer in your healing is valued.

If you bring this chicken mentality to your healership today, then you get paid in chickens by chickens. You attract the vibrational energy of chicken people who think like you, act like you. They are afraid to spend the money on your services because you clearly haven’t explained your inherent value or worth.

It’s a form of HIDING. For you. For them. And by not setting a fair value you perpetuate the chicken mentality. And OMG if you teach others from this place, then you create more brokeback healers. Dances with Chickens.

You spent your good money on heart-centered training with wonderful gifted teachers. Those teachers didn’t have this chicken mentality. While money is not a measure of value in your healership, you probably spent thousands of dollars on that training. Have you ever added the cost and time up?

How’s the return on investment [ROI] working for you? Where’s your Chicken Mentality? There’s a disconnect, can you see it, feel it?

I shape-shifted after working with a chicken client [I’m broke I have no money to pay you but I need help]. No more dancing with chickens… the exercises in the Money, Marketing and Soul intensive made me see my money story; I came to a new awareness about this chicken dance. “I am an expert in my field who’s invested time, money and energy in becoming a safe, well-trained heart-centered healer and teacher.”

Each healer has gifts to share [their art, their presence, their writings], and those gifts may take the form of a book or training. How far have you cast that net to tell people about what you teach?

Last month I offered to showcase a shamanic friend’s wonderful healing tool…I sent her an email offering to talk about her products here on the New Moon Journal. I wanted to get her information out there and share her talents with my readers. The exposure would have driven people to her website. She never responded. Chicken Mentality. She’s hiding.

I’ve given free teleclasses to my community, shared how to be seen in very easy tangible ways. Most of my very gifted shamanic friends and healers have crappy websites or no web presence at all. I have come to the conclusion you don’t want to invest the time and money, because you either don’t have the money or don’t see the value in it. Not having a viable web presence is a form of HIDING. Not having money is a form of HIDING. Chicken mentality.

I can lead you to blog but can’t make you blog…

You barter or trade for someone’s services to create your web site; then don’t get the attention you deserve. Later on you wonder why the website isn’t working for you. You say to yourself it’s just too complicated and I can’t spend any time on it. But really you don’t know what to do, don’t ask and don’t really want to be seen. You are HIDING your gifts and your value. Chicken Mentality.

This Full Moon in Taurus is the perfect opportunity to stop. Me included- no more Dancing with Chickens. The energy of Taurus is in your birth chart. Taurus calls us to task about tribal conditioning regarding self-esteem and self-worth. It’s the place in your chart where money comes to you, flows to you.

Full Moons bring the issues to a head, into the light for healing. Issues of Value. Issues of making good money from your creative gifts and talents that the God/Goddess gave you.

Your playing small is not helping the community you serve or Mother Earth.

Playing small is not wanting to be seen yet commenting on the audacity of James A Ray getting paid $9000 to take people into a faux-sweat lodge. One extreme begets another. It’s a teaching moment. Seek the balance.

Scorpio calls you to surrender what no longer serves you; allow your healing gifts to flow into the world. Come out of HIDING. To be seen, to be well paid with ‘good’ money. We have a New Moon in Scorpio on November 16th. Start to root out the money beliefs, the chicken mentality that holds you hostage. Dance it, create with it, give it form so by next spring you are in the flow.

Full moons bring soul energy to bear on the problems at hand. Big Ones (Soul) and little ones (ego). This time of the year when the veil is thin, you can reach out to the God/Goddess of your understanding and connect. The Nature of God is in all things, all beings, great and small. Your guardian angels, your helping allies are showing up in support.

I am teaching, creating products and writing both here and at Marketing for Healers , my goal is to share the blueprint of marketing for healers.so by next spring there is a tangible shift in your business of being a healer.