Speaking with one of my new Coaching clients we got to talking about ancestors and altars. She’s starting a new project, and yes an altar to honor the event is in order.

As an interior designer I set up little vignettes around our home to delight and inspire me.

Once upon a time my mother was looking at houses for sale; on the phone she shared “The woman was very spiritual at the house I looked at today.”

“Why do you think that Mom?”

“Well she had altars in her home just like you do.”

Before my Feng Shui training I never looked at my little vignettes as altars, but after our conversation saw Mom was right. This post today about is about- Angels, Ancestors and Acorns…

Archangel Gabriel and the Lessirard Ancestor Altar– Grounded by Gabriel’s presence (a carved primitive wooden angel that stands three feet tall)…at the base brightly colored glazed clay acorns are from a thrift store lie across the bark skin of a log. Compassionate Ancestors for my husband and our daughter; a picture of Joseph, my husband’s father who passed in 1977 and his Grandma Pauline.

In Nazi France Grandma Pauline saved her children by refusing to give up the family milk to the Nazis soldiers. A sweetheart of the woman she raised rabbits until her death a month before her 102nd birthday.

On that day she came in from feeding the rabbits, said to her daughter “my mother’s come for me, she’s standing right here.” Her daughter said “oh go sit down mother you’re being ridiculous.” She sat down in her easy chair…closed her eyes and passed over. I love Grandma Pauline.

  1. Inspirational Mood Board– 4 by 4 fabric covered tack board where I pin projects and ideas I am working on in the studio. For me it’s a gigantic vision board and an altar to design ideas and inspirations. This Christmas Dear Daughter gave me this wonderful handmade fabric garland- I just love it!
  2. Acorns. Acorns. Acorns. My sister Lisa sent me a Texas Acorn (on the left) for Christmas. My little Florida Acorn is on the right and the Green Man is watching over the seeds. I love oak trees and acorns- the tree represents the energy of grounding, strength and fortitude.
  3. Inner Child Altar…starts with a collage I painted in Claudine Hellmuth’s beeswax class from a photo of my mother at eight years old using crayons and McCall’s pattern tissue paper.

The collage is flanked by little thumbprint clay angels- Michele, Kelly and Lisa. I bought the little angels at the Lake Eola Crafts Festival with Mom
and Nana (she’s also 102 years old this year) back in the eighties. The Gourd Lady from North Carolina is there too. Creating an Inner Child altar invites the spirit of Play into your life especially when you are taking life way too serious.

“The power of the altar lies in it’s visual appearance. The structure and objects of altar appeal to our psyche because they give form to the formless and provide a visual representation of the divine.” -Denise Linn, Altars.

Your altar is a SoulCollage® in your home. Do you want more help and support? Call on your compassionate Helping Ancestors and Angels by creating an altar. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, it’s the intention that counts.

What’s your creative project this year?  Creating an altar will give your vision form and focus.

In times of natural disasters or trauma an altar helps you manage the grief. As an empath (artists, healers) natural disasters impact our energetic body. Since the destruction in Haiti you may be feeling scattered and grieving. An altar allows you to channel the grief and can be used to send healing energy by focusing your good will.

Building your Altar:

Prepare your space by deciding where you want to place the items. For the cloth you can start with an scarf or bandanna. Get quiet and go inward. Ask what needs to be present then look around your home and in your yard for items that represent your new vision.

The invitation is to be mindful and present.

Like finding images for your SoulCollage® what calls to you? Trust the process.

Listen to the inner messages- stay aware even if it feels silly, set up your space and gather the items. Journal about the experience…listen to your dreams and your own inner knowings. It’s important.

I give thanks. And so it is.