This spring some blogging astrologers are getting together for a blog-a-thon to share about the Cardinal T-Square. I asked to join the parade and got a rejection “I visited your site, lots of visual appeal, but a SoulCollage® is not exactly the sort of practical, problem-solving tool I had in mind.”

“I’m just saying”…some astrologers just don’t get me.

The Blog-a-thon’s theme:

“How people can fix the kind of financial, career, and family issues that are coming up for them with the transits from Pluto and Saturn.”

As a shamanic teacher and astrologer I use the stars, story and art to help you dissolve blocks, tap into your magic and start living your soul’s purpose.

I am an expert in teaching you how to safely trust that inner knowing.

I am a stand for being connected to Spirit in everyday matters. NO MATTER WHAT.

These days we find ourselves on information overload- books, blogs, articles, I check out. Give me a drawing, the images that speak to me. The inspiring heartfelt stories of how this work heals you.

Most don’t know anything about astrology…all they hear is blah, blah, blah when an astrologer starts writing about houses, transits, conjunctions and such… I don’t give a fig if you know about all that stuff, just reading this journal you tap into the energy of the moment and there IS a transformation that happens.

And sorry but I still feel an article about the New Moon SoulCollage® process and this t-square would serve readers in your blog-a-thon heading into the spring energies. I’m just saying.

When Saturn in Libra squares Pluto in Capricorn and the Sun enters Aries in March 19-21, 2010 (called a Cardinal T-Square) it’s a time of doing something tangible. Planting a vision

The New Moon SoulCollage® process is one of the quickest ways I know to show up, be Authentic, find your path of service that creates wealth and opportunity in your life.

The process offers a viable solutions to fix your current crisis- whether it is financial, career and/or family issues. Need guidance or want to learn more why book a session with me or take a class.

New Moon SoulCollage® Process

Here at the New Moon Journal (blogging since 2004) invite you to pick images and colors and play, even in your darkest moments when fear has you by the throat and stopped you from moving forward.

If you’re ‘got’ by the problem, the fix is to get out and walk, fill your lungs with some fresh air. Create a sacred space by lighting a candle and set the intention. Go BOLD declare you want a solution NOW. Not later.

Grab a magazine or two, rip out the images that call to you. Glue down those images…stand back take a look and start dialoging.

I guarantee your answers will appear.

Play. Let the God within you and around you express what you are feeling in this moment through the images. Give the energy- good, bad and ugly a voice. Teach you how to navigate these waters.

Open up and allow Spirit and Nature to infuse you, inspire you through this…

Let go and allow the energy of the Universe, those compassionate Masters and Angels who are with us to drop in and just be- with me, with you.

Guide me. Teach me, so I can empower you…

To be brave, brilliant and innovative.
To Shine.