Saturday I drove north on the FLA turnpike heading to Gainesville to meet-up with my dear friend and shamanic colleague Carol Tunney MD, she’s in town doing shamanic crystal healings at the High Springs Emporium.

Along the way just past Orlando I notice a strange FedEx tractor trailer with three sea turtles painted on the back of the cab…This special FedEx truck is one of many trucks rescuing 70,000 precious sea turtle eggs from Gulf regions.

The truck is outfitted to minimize shaking and climate cooled. On the back of cab the trucks have sea turtles painted in purple bodies shaped like hearts. It made me cry. Thank you FedEx for stepping up!

Sunday at the New Moon/Solar Eclipse Carol and I led a Healing for the Gulf waters using principles from the Medicine for the Earth work. It’s always fun to hang out with Carol, but it was even more fun holding sacred space together.

“In the beginning, all waters and lands were sacred. You honored the waters and lands, for your very survival depended upon intimate knowledge of their rhythms. From your love and gratitude, the waters and lands created great abundance. Your waters and lands have been desecrated – feed them, cherish them, remember they are sacred and they will become powerful again.”-Message from the Spirits of the Waters and Lands

I ‘heard’ take the Gaian deck just before I left…I hadn’t opened up the cards (okay the packaging was just too beautiful to open and I’ve been savoring it). The deck sat on my altar gathering energy waiting for the ‘right moment’ and this New Moon in Cancer certainly felt right!

The Cancer energies are all about feeling, care taking and honoring the momma Earth, especially the sacred waters. It was fun holding the deck for the first time, feeling into the images, then asking and finding what cards wanted to be present on the altar to honor the four directions.

During the healing ceremony we transfigured and the next day Carol took the blessed water to the Gulf,

Joanna’s deck offers earth wisdom in a profound way, each card evokes a wonderful story to share – the artistic birth took her nine years! After setting up the altar, seeing the images, we laughed because the altar took on the shape of a sea turtle once everything was in place. Spirit works in magical ways.

I’ve heard so many stories of snakes showing up in peoples lives,
snakes shedding skins, snake energy being very visible. There is an invitation from Spirit (the God/Goddess of your understanding) to stay aware of how nature is communicating, it’s a powerful time…

After each new moon you’ll face issues that are in your way related to the energy of the moment-Cancer. Take advantage of the signs and signals the Universe is offering. This week watch what’s unfolding off the new moon energies, it’s a time of journaling and connecting, expanding into the next highest version of you with LOVE!