Anne, a shamanic teacher and friend booked a thirty minute session with me to discuss her new blog. Anne’s moving in a different direction. How exciting.

“I’m shutting down my healing practice, letting go of my old website and starting a new blog.”

Whoa Nelly, OMG no don’t do that!

I love hearing you’re going to write and blog but you’ve invested 5 years of good solid traffic to a wonderful domain name (website) you own. That domain name is worth something it…

  • Generates traffic
  • Is a piece of the internet you own, like real estate.
  • Listed #1 under Google search

Let’s rethink this a moment. You can use the current domain to drive traffic to your new WordPress blog- just pay the $10 a year to keep the name…then forward it to your new blog domain. People from the old site will want to read your new blog.” Anne like this idea.

Option: Make $$- If you decide not to forward your domain name (it’s very simple takes about 15 minutes), then sell the domain name through a service that brokers domains like Sedo. Your domain may be worth some money.

Even though you may be letting go of the old you…don’t let go of the domain name without first looking at all the options. Yes sell the name, make money. How many domains do you have, it’s internet real estate…