For me this December came and went like no other…I don’t know if it’s the grief of losing mom or just the way things are flowing these days. I am aware of being in the past and the present, letting go and moving on. Mercury is still retrograding (December 10 through December 30) and doesn’t come out of it’s shadow until January 16th, 2011. That means…

While everyone is blogging about new visions for 2011, we have to remember that Mercury Rx brings a do-over energy to the moment. So while visioning is great, just know that there may be an opportunity to tweak things a bit as Mercury moves forward again through the sign Capricorn. Mercury brings a deeper message to what’s been working and learning you over the holidays.

And because the territory Mercury Rx covered was in both Capricorn and Sagittarius we are personally dealing with concepts of expansion and contraction. The thrill of setting a new goal and then watching where that energy flows… Jupiter/Sagittarius is all about pushing out, going beyond the norm. Taking a risk… While Saturn/Capricorn is all about the structure, tribal conditioning/fear that may want to hold your feet to the ground. Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, is in the sign Libra for the first time in 28 years. Saturn was in Libra 9/1980 through 8/1983 and 12/1950-10/1953. Libra ruled by Venus is about the heart…what needs balancing? What throws you off your game? Here’s more about Saturn in Libra.

What fragments of yourself did you leave behind [28 years ago] that can be of service to your healership today? Look to your birth chart- what house does both Sag and Capricorn sit? Mercury is redefining you and those houses in a new way. Mercury is all about telling the truth, communication. Siblings, neighbors, day-to-day communication beyond the parents.

Don’t discount your past- your life’s journey- it’s full and rich and deep. This is your blessing field, the place of heart within that takes you from the now into your future. Separate the wheat from the chaff…

“Distinguish the wanted from the unwanted, the valuable from the relatively valueless. It is what one did literally in the ancient agricultural practice of winnowing, one form of which was to expose, say, wheat to the wind so that the chaff blew away and the grains remained.”- phrase finder

This push/pull energy is certainly working me. I am surprised yet humbled because somehow my monkey mind ‘thought’ when I’d reach my fifties the energy would have been expressed/healed/dealt with for all the ‘good’ work I did in my forties. Ha ha..what a cosmic joke!

Last week I celebrated my Mars return that included a wag of the finger along with a journey down memory lane to visit my inner wonder woman related to truth telling; how as a young woman I entered my mother’s fog that left me briefly dancing once again with PTSD… This week Sun/Pluto met up with my Mars in Capricorn and to finish the story I am off to get some much needed bodywork while going with the flow…Yeeha!

For me Ghosts of Christmas past usually brings up a gaggle of expectations, yet this year there was a deliciousness of the present moment. I am grateful for the shift. Going with the flow means you are awake and conscious…sometimes being rubbed raw to become real. I for one celebrate your courage!

  • What is this current Mercury Rx asking of you?
  • Where is Sag and Capricorn in my birth chart? That’s where the energy is.
  • Am I in a contracted state (inward journey) or expanded state (pushing out into the world)?
  • Am I fighting with the energy (contracted or expanded)? Ask why? What needs attention?
  • Where is my peace? How can I go with the flow?
  • What does my blessing field look like, feel like?

With love,


Rev. Michele Lessirard, C.Ht., Founder and Director of the Global Alliance of Shamanic Women Entrepreneurs. As a shamanic astrologer she teaches through out the United States and is recognized for her ability to communicate the visible elements with the invisible- the spiritual aspects that are mirrored through one’s day-to day relationships with family, home and work.