I love this time of year because the Aquarius/Pisces/Aries new moons are very powerful for setting our hopes wishes and dreams into action. Especially as we greet the full moon in LEO. Leo’s energy asks YOU to shine BRIGHT out in the world using your creative gifts.

Uranus [Freedom] acts as a lightning bolt; this energy wakes you up like a jolt from outside events. Uranus rules Aquarius the place of service in our birth charts.

Who have I come to serve? How am I leading with the gifts spirit/source/god/goddess gave me?

Leo is whole-hearted LOVING-

BE WILLING TO FAIL by taking action.

What you set into motion at the New Moon in Leo last July, refined at the Scorpio New Moon last Fall is now ready to manifest.

Here I am at the age of seven (Saturn Square) sitting with my two younger sisters- how adorable and goofy do we look. I don’t ever remember this seeing this picture…so I sat really looking at us and asking what was I like back then? What grabbed my attention? I look gigantic- geeky-awkward- sitting next to these two small children…Then I remembered back to people commenting about my height. Then I laughed…sit up Michele, you are being seen.

This is the first time I stood out in the crowd – of my sisters. Seven, the age of our first Saturn square, the time we leave the magic of childhood behind. As I shaped up, conformed and kept secrets (it’s in my eyes) the mystical magical me went away.

As a healer and entrepreneur you bring a deep need to be recognized, valued and validated for your gifts, those soul qualities you came to share and serve as healers, visionaries and oracles for this time. Your birth order, the role you played in your family as a sister influences that journey in so many ways.

So as you approach the Full Moon reflect on your sisterhood. Are you willing to take a risk and fail? Healers are visionaries- pushing the envelope; to birth the vision…

As I mentor others I am so aware of my big sister energy and how I am influencing another person

  • How does your birth order (first, middle, baby) inform your work as a healer, teacher and leader?
  • How comfortable are you standing up in the crowd and being seen?
  • Are you waiting for permission to take a risk?

SIS- We’d have a great relationship if it weren’t for you!

Where is your inner mean girl? You’ll know her when she’s gossiping about other women-sisters included, taking them down a notch. This a form of ENERGETIC CANNIBALISM that toxic women (sisters/friends/co-workers) do to each other when we are not living our dreams, taking a risk and standing in our power. The hidden message may be “I’m afraid; I am NOT LIVING MY BRILLIANCE.”

Everyone in your life is a figment of your imagination–even you.- Byron Katie

Your soul loss may be linked to your sisterhood issues- it’s a sacred relationship. We each have an inner mean girl spirit that can be COMPETITIVE, ENVIOUS and AFRAID. Most times this is related to hidden pockets of shame.Don’t look at me! I just want to be seen!

Where am I standing in my sister’s shadow?

I’ve sat in business and healing circles for over 30 years… I have been the mean girl and I’ve felt the sting of a mean girl’s attitude. It’s not fun. As healers we work with subtle energies and have a sacred responsibility to mend our fences so we don’t project our stuff (psychic attack) onto another person. I know it happens, but I also know when my mean girl is showing up.

In your family watch how your mother and aunts interact. Invoke the healing story…it’s part of your journey as a healer. Go deep and look at ancestral issues of aunts – how does your mother’s sisterhood journey influence you today? Watch for women you can’t stand- at work, in church, in a restaurant.

How do other women tweak you? This is a self-worth issue that can affect your money and finances. Ask “do I think I am better than you or less than you?” If I am not in energetic neutral then it’s a self-worth issue- my needs didn’t get met. The little one within is impacting your journey as a healer, take a risk and ask for the healing.

As a healer you bring your sisterhood issues to the circle, consciously or unconsciously. Who’s leading the way right now in your healership? At this FULL MOON are you willing to fail by living your brilliance?

3 Steps to stand in my power!

How can your role as a sister serve you as a healership?

When is the first time you stood out in the crowd?

Did someone tell you what to do, how to be in the world? Did you make yourself small to fit in? Did your struggle to be seen? How is this showing up in you healership as a shamanic woman in business? This is part of your healing story…

Step 1.  Find your YES! and claim to your magnificence. What heart whispers and dreams do you keep shoving to the back of the closet? Writing that book? Creating a class? Say yes to the energy of it, give it form.

Step 2. Imbue the Vision with a ritual. Create a Spirit Stick. Call your guides to you, walk your land and go find a stick. Create the space to work with your stick…wrap color yarn around it, carve or decorate the stick with your vision for your business. Ground the vision. Take a risk, be willing to fail, do it anyway. Allow yourself to be slightly famous. Give the vision energy…then stand back and watch what happens by the full moon/Spring Equinox.  How is my wanting to hide colored by my journey as a sister…in family, in business?

Step 3. Create a SoulCollage® card to honor you as a sister (if you’re an only child do this with childhood friends). I AM THE ONE WHO IS A SISTER. Reflect on the new sisterhood story you want to evoke in communion with others in your circle. If you find your mean girl spirit suddenly pops in why not have a dialog, create a SoulCollage® card for her too. What is she afraid of? How old is she? What’s her story? She brings a message?

Expansion and contraction… it’s a dance. Conscious or not, we bring our sisterhood to everyday matters, no matter what. Be willing to take a risk at this full moon!