As a healer have you invested in great training yet under value your fees, even give things away?

Even though your skill level is increasing…when’s the last time you reevaluated your money mindset by raising your fees?

Creative women understand the energy of money, they invest in programs wisely. A wise woman looks at her bottom line and the rate of return on training and marketing investments. She makes wise heart-centered decisions that move her forward into action, which adds value to her healing practice. She has a plan.

This is a healer who is leading the way. This is what I hear from healers:

“I barter for things with my clients…but I don’t have money to pay my bills.”

Leaders don’t barter. If you barter in essence you are saying to the universe I can’t make money. The energy of money is about flow…bartering is a mindset trap. Stop all bartering. Now. period.

“I can’t charge that because no one in my area is charging that much!”

“Do those healers have the same training as you…is what you offer as a healer an ‘apples to apples’ comparison with Sally Sue down the street? I think not.”

This is really about valuing what your offer…it’s about your mo*ney fears– having mo*ney, making mo*ney, keeping mo*ney. Your muddled mo*ney messages are causing all kinds of confusion, body, mind and spirit. With this mo*ney mindset you are a follower. Maybe it’s time to lead the way. Raise your fees.

Solution: Stop comparing yourself to others… and lead the way. Come up with a plan to charge what your worth and get it.

When you are muddled in your mo*ney mindset, you pass on the confusion to your clients- you keep each other stuck in an evolving money drama. It’s a dance.

What is your bottom line? It’s time to dance a different way…

Michele Bailey-Lessirard is a shamanic healer, artist and certified Mo*ney Breakthrough Method® coach. She leads spirited gals from woo-woo to who’s who in 90 days here at the AsWeConnect community.