Are you clear about your WHY? What are your gifts? A dear friend was struggling with her business. Here’s what I know for sure. Solopreneurs (myself included) spend a lot of time in “I’ll do-it-myself mode.”

Let me figure out this website, Let me figure out this email thing…let me figure out this____________.

Too much “let me figure this out” usually means healer overwhelm. You are stuck and lost your WHY! You may be afraid of your WHY! The ‘figuring it out’ mindset is keeping you broke- mentally, spiritually and emotionally that translates to your wallet. Just sayin.

Marketing for Healers SoulCollage® Challenge:

Create a card for your DIY Woman.

Let’s dialoged with your “let me figure out this ____________.”

You are invited to make a SoulCollage® card for the “I am the One who is the DIY Woman- let me figure this out.” Set your studio up (materials and supplies) then go for a walk in Nature, with plans on creating the card and journaling when you return.

  • a couple of magazines or several images (large and small)
  • a pair of scissors
  • a glue stick
  • a sheet of  paper or cardstock 5 x 8
  • a journal

Go for a walk in Nature…reflect on your DIY self.
Start pulling images that call to you. Reflecting on your DIY self. Pull 2-3 images and make a card. If you need more support visit the SoulCollage website.

What does DIY Woman have to say? What does she need from you? What need is driving her? How can she get support?

Now go play. Let me know what happens.