Listen do you hear it. Maybe you’re an empath like me. Maybe you’re reacting. People are blurting out crappy stuff that lurks beneath the surface; they may say vile, angry, hurtful words we don’t usually hear. Surprised?

Here’s the thing…as the energy of transformation amps up more fear will be revealed. Why? We live on a planet of polarity, and as the LIGHT increases, so does the dark. There is nowhere for this shadow stuff to hide. I think it’s a time of celebration. A shift is happening.

Today I can choose to stop reacting and engaging; check-in and feel where the energy comes into my body.

What’s tweaking me?
Ask why am I reacting?
What needs attention?
Go all Byron Katie on it.

The BIG shift is happening. The shadow – fear, anger, greed, contempt, doubt-wants to be seen so it transmutes. Only LOVE is real. Let’s meet the energy with love.

How do we hold sacred space for this shadow stuff to clear? As shamanic practitioners what do our compassionate allies, our helping spirits ask of us? Journey on it. Create SoulCollage® cards with it. What is the antidote? This is what I am pondering today.

With love,
Michele Grace