YOU are a leader for these times. As an Oracle you know how to innovate and bring HEALING solutions to the communities you serve. It all begins with the woo-woo. I am a stand for YOU connecting to YOUR ‘woo-woo’ because I know it empowers and saves.  I’m asking you to join me as we stand together as Oracles where our collective heart-centered voices drown out the critics and naysayers who’ve made such a mess of the world.

Be the change you want to see. Make you mess your message. Start your Movement.

You are part of this choir and your voice is so needed in the world today. It takes a village of Oracles Aligned to heal the world. It’s time to lovingly share our healing stories.

Summer of ’85, Saturn in Scorpio:

Grabbing his bottle of vodka from our bookcase, Dad walked out the door mumbling loudly “I don’t have to sit here and deal with this.” I don’t remember what the argument was about. I do remember what flashed in my body. Instantly I knew I’d never see my daddy again and then the tears started…I cried off and on for days. The very practical me didn’t have words or even understand what was happening.

A few weeks later one early Sunday morning the phone rang, it was Dad “I’m in the hospital, there was a boating accident. I was almost killed. I’m okay the Docs just don’t know if I’ll play golf again. Just wanted to let you know. Love ya.”

A runner for close to 20 years (3 miles a day) Dad came home on crutches. Assuring Mom he’d be fine we all flew to New Jersey without Dad to celebrate birthdays, hang out at my Aunts house at the Jersey shore. A few days later the phone rang again and I watch Mom’s color drain, her voice almost a whisper  “Your Dad collapsed in the street while walking, he had a stroke.”

My daddy was never the same…and our family went into crisis.

Still I had a company to run…people to pay. My vision two years earlier was manifesting- I hired team, expanded as we were hired for exciting big projects like design of Fort Lauderdale’s new airport hotel and the Walt Disney World Hilton…my company made Interior Design Magazine’s  top 100 interior design giants list for hospitality.

Within a year money to fund our hotel projects started drying up due to the Savings & Loans crisis. Leaving me over $50,000 in uncollectible accounts receivables; clients wouldn’t pay, and the landlord refused to renegotiate the lease.

After months of worry I got down on my knees and prayed…I prayed real hard that night. A peaceful calm came over me as I went to sleep, the Voice spoke to me in a dream “close down the office, let the staff go. Walk away. Surrender.” WTF? Incredulous at first I debated with the Voice…then decided to pull the trigger. Letting staff go was the hardest. I felt like a failure. I rented a truck, made a midnight move and it had to be done.

As a business owner you have to make tough decisions. Standing there after the move, the weight of the world lifted from my shoulders. I also felt guilt and shame. I didn’t know if I could take one more day of being in business for myself….one of my mentor calls this hanging in the dangle. Maybe you’ve been there too.

Out of the blue a dear client calls asking what happened…he offers a joint venture -I’d be the lead space planner for his commercial realty firm. Separate and affiliated he leases me office space in his building I design;  introduces me to his banker where I secure a $45,000 line of credit (unheard of by a women in those days) together with a new state of the art $15,000 CADD system. I renegotiated the old lease with the landlord. Six months later my firm has over one million square feet of commercial office space under contract.

Scorpio asks you to let what is no longer serves you to drop away. Surrender to transform.

I learned it pays to listen to my inner Oracle.

How you live is how you lead.
Bleed. Heal. Shout. Pray.
Just keep going.
YOU and that life of yours are the revolution.
                                    – Danielle LaPorte

Being an Oracle is not for the faint of heart. Not only do we have to deal with our own inner critic but also the naysayers and doubters (family, friends, neighbors and yes maybe even your coach!!) I know I’ve been there. As an astrologer here’s what I know about the next two years. Saturn is going to kick up change and for some chaos…It’s a time of deep transformation…

Saturn asks you to GO For the GOLD

Alchemy is the process of turning lead into gold. Saturn’s movement in the sky reflects the inner alchemical process of taking your stuck, fixated limiting beliefs and transform that mindset into Light (creativity, brilliance, divinity). Your intuitive voice may be bound up, trapped. In the body, archetypal Saturn represents your first chakra the seat of your tribal fear- family conditioning and issues with authority.

Saturn is always a taskmaster, whatever sign Saturn’s moving through, he’s calling the ‘leaden’ emotions to transform. He’s asking you to surrender and to go for the gold, be brilliant. And so, Saturn entered the sign Scorpio for the first time in 29 years, and Scorpio is about transformation.

Scorpio… in November

  • Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio.
  • Pluto (gate agent to hell)  is still moving through Capricorn.
  • Pluto rules Scorpio. Saturn rules Capricorn.
  • Jupiter retrogrades into Taurus (Scorpio’s partner)

When the Sun moves into Scorpio it highlights your shadow issues with power. Are you ready to dance with these energies in a powerful way?

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