Happy New Year, The world didn’t end, yet it has shifted. Did you create a vision board for 2013?  And so the work begins to activate your BIG Dream… (and warning there is a bit of cursing)

Dreaming BIG! Instead of rushing headlong into the dream you may need to stop, evaluate and then move forward.

Winter is that time of quickening, introspection… where the seeds you harvested in the fall are resting before springs planting. Winter is an inward time;  there is a call to trust what you are visioning will manifest.

Dreaming big rustles up the baggage that’s held you back; the fear slows you down so you can get the clutter out of the way- body, mind and spirit.

The quicker you can get to the emotional body, name the feelings, the faster things will move. At the same time don’t beat yourself up if the emotional connection is the last piece that comes to you…everyone is different and there isn’t any right or wrong way to approach this. Just know it can be a tender time; BIG dreams can kick your butt to the curb for a time out. That’s what happened for me the last 60 days.

Big lessons on self-worth, marketing with grace, judgment and the spirit of money; lessons that will inform the choices I make in who mentors me and how I mentor you. A re-commitment to what really matters.

::  Truth Raw and Real ::

Once upon a time I gave my power over to my coach’s agenda; stopped listening to my intuitive voice and following my inner compass.

As I came out of the fog I knew the relationship was complete, done, cooked.

Stepping away necessitated a deep dive into my definition of quitting versus completion. I started reevaluating and re-visioning what holds heart and meaning for me with the new awareness.

What would a quantum leap in trust and creativity look like?
What do I want to manifest NOW?

At the same time as my inner world was taken apart so was the technology of how I communicate with you- the outer world of online (computers, email and websites) all started to come apart one-by-one. My computer picked up a virus that even after a week of great technical support I surrendered and did a complete restore.

A blank slate- taking the computer back to its original state, goddess I love that metaphor.

:: Hacked! ::

Follow your life pulse.

If your inner voice tells you to rest. REST.
If it says create. CREATE.
Go with the flow; stop swimming against the tide because all that foce does is make you tired and gets you nowhere.

Drat!! the first time in 11 years one of my websites are hacked, dang you and the gobbledygook on my WordPress site!

Yelling F!@#K to the Universe- enough already!  Then the modem craps out as my ability to teach, speak and write comes to a standstill. At that point I was in complete surrender. Time out.

:: Gratitude ::

Here’s what I want to say. Thank you. As a subscriber I am grateful for your support and reading my hit and miss missives. Back to basics- more art, more storytelling and more blogging which is makes my heart sing even as I write this.

My clients and students who teach me every day, I am honored to spend time with you this past year. Watching  your visions take flight always makes my heart soar with each YES!

The hacking taught me to stop, take my own counsel. Follow the life pulse the universe was demanding. Back-to-basics meant spending time in nature, listening to music and shamanic journeying. A time to enjoy family at the holidays, looking backward to move forward while creating SoulCollage® cards, painting and journaling about ideas.

:: WHY ::

The why is different for a woman in her 30’s | 40’s | Now in my mid-50’s it’s a time of stepping into eldership- how do I want to live the second half of life? Each decade of life there is an astrological story of  the why…Scorpio in Saturn moving through my house of leadership demands total transformation as a healer and business woman. Deep diving and checking my chart lead to the realization a Mars cycle was ending and start of a new two year business cycle. How cool is that! The universe reordering life and me showing up right on time. An ending and new beginning.

  • How are you being hacked?
  • How is the experience connected to your heart’s yearning?
  • Why are you here? and where are you in the process of surrender?

Watch for my upcoming post on Mars and how this planetary archetype affects your life as a woman in business.