Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your truth. Stand up for your creativity, spark and fire. Stand in your power. What is your desire at this New Moon? This post is inspired by a radio interview I did a couple weeks ago with Stephanie Pederson (listen to the interview).

The Visionary

Aquarius is the sign of the rebel..the innovator. In the Aquarius area of your chart you approach life through your intellect. Old molds, old concepts, those things that have outgrown their usefulness in everyday life are surrendered. Think of the Tower card in the tarot. The rendering energy to make room for the new. New Ideas, new inventions. It is the sign of the Visionary.

Aquarius rules the ankles. Pisces rules the feet. Two important places in the body that have to do with Standing in Your Power. You can’t lead in your business if you can’t stand up for yourself, your beliefs, your ideas.

Aquarius represents the sign of Community & Service. What have I come to share and teach in service to my community? Most times the Aquarius energy is so unique, it’s not really supported on the planet because the person living their Aquarian energy is a free thinker, a maverick a rebel. They are the ones out ahead of the others forging new ground. So at this new moon in Aquarius (before Pisces and Aries) the call is where have I shut down my energy to be in relationship to you?

Women. When your soul is already fragmented from social and cultural conditioning trying to find your power in the reflection of another is challenging. It’s time to Stand in Your Power

Power stalks us every day, asking us to live our truth. This renegade wisdom may tic some people off, yet it needs to be said.

I’m talking about women’s soul loss. Every relationship (business and personal) is a call to respond. Here are signs you may have lost your way; you may need to change direction and take your power back. Some questions to work with:

  1. How are you bound up in this relationship? In what way? With whom?
  2. When did you stop listening to your inner guru and body signals?
  3. Can you give voice to what’s going on? Speak your truth?
  4. Listen to the audio…. 😉

You have everything you need. Ask and you shall receive. When you are connected to Spirit (the God/dess of your understanding) and your own Inner Oracle everything in your world begins to line up in magical ways to support your vision. Embrace your creativity, honor the journey with love.

For the next 60 days work with your inner Oracle to call your power back at each New Moon- Aquarius/Pisces starting February 9th. Where is Aquarius in your birth chart? If you know fine, if not maybe it’s time to find out by scheduling a session with me.

24 hours before the new moon go within and connect to what the NEED is for that area of your life.

 24 hours after the new moon – write it down, verbalize it, visualize it, and send it out.

Create a SoulCollage for the energy. What does your Oracle within look like? What’s the message you are called to share with your tribe. Be it 3 people or 100’s. What’s the BIG Dream you want to manifest.

All your guru’s be they spiritual, religious, marketing, business, fitness are wounded- the gift of the wound is the blessing they came to teach and share. The Caution: don’t put them on a pedestal and think they are better than you. They just know something you need to learn at the moment. Let them teach you. Let them inspire you.

Don’t forsake yourself and give your power away. Stand in your Power. Embody your sovereignty…claim your voice, speak up.

Each of us needs to find and own the parts of ourselves that went to sleep, that weren’t danced and celebrated- male and female alike. We see this all over the media. The revolution starts from within and leads to the gifts you came to share.

My wish is you claim them now.

Love and bright blessings,


Reverend Michele Grace Lessirard is called the architect of the Soul and a ‘resistance whisperer.” An entrepreneur she is a certified Money Breakthrough Method coach, past president of the National Association of Women in Business, shamanic minister and storyteller. She helps you find and live your true calling, embody your holiness and live your brilliance in work and life so you can help more people, make more money and have a greater impact in the community you serve. Are you ready to manifest your wildest dreams?

Michele Grace serves as a spiritual guide in your existing coaching relationship. And…YES! She would love to be your coach and take you from “woo-woo to who’s who” in 90 days through both private and group coaching packages that meets your needs and your budget.