Find your spark and sparkle! Paint a new picture!

What is the divine feminine way of leading? What is the call and your response to these Taurus energies as a leader and business owner?

Do you know that Scorpio and Taurus are foundational energies for creating transformation and abundance in your life?

Come to the call and I’ll give you specific steps to work with your Taurus energy- how to use the planetary archetypes of the moment to step into the flow, find your spark and sparkle.

  • Is your mo.ney story getting in the way?
  • Are you doing too much?
  • Hitting your upper limits issue, stuck in a $$ rut?
  • In feast or famine cycles of billing or heading there?

How is this stuck energy costing your time and energy at the expense of your creativity? Books not written and classes not taught? (*sigh*)

I’ll share easy steps to begin fixing the energy leaks that may be affecting your body, mind and wallet. How to call in and work with the eclipse energies for your highest good.

Mo.ney, like water, is meant to flow through you to others, to grow your business by hiring, by investing in team and technology to take your message out into the world; to leave a legacy.

Embracing both spirit and the energy of mo.ney allows you to be brilliant and change lives.

Yet as a spirit-led woman, your mo.ney mindset, may be keeping you stuck and overwhelmed. Many healers don’t know their mo.ney story is running the show!

I have a proven system to help you release the baggage but you have to join the call to hear the details, and I promise it will be informative and fun.

You’ll come away with aha’s that can shift your life. The house where the sign Taurus sits in your birth chart tells a story about your relationship to abundance related to self-worth and self-esteem issues.

Are you ready to claim your passion? Go big, go bold, just do it. It’s a time of TRUST because you won’t see the results right away. You’re invited to come join me at the New Moon Teleclass. The world needs your passion, your gifts, your talents, your service, the power of your presence. If not now, when?

Bright blessings,

Michele Grace Lessirard
Marketing for Healers

About Michele Grace
Are you playing small? Feeling overwhelmed? Want to manifest your wildest dreams; find to fresh clues to solve problems that previously felt unsolvable? Show up at the New Moon, New Me Teleclass and let shamanic teacher Michele Grace Lessirard show you how.

When clients work with her they break through resistance, stop feeling overwhelmed and come back into balance so they are able to make more money and have a greater impact in the community they serve.