Fast Food Coaching

Are you regurgitating the same old marketing material again and again? Your clients deserve better. What would Carl Jung would say about how his concept of archetypes being tossed about in today’s “fast food” coaching world?  You are more than than 1 or 2 or 3 archetypes.

Get on my bus. Do it now. Do it anyway. Don’t hesitate. You’re in creation mode. Run. Don’t look back. Screw the resistance. Sign up for my coaching program.

What is “fast food coaching?” It’s a one-size-fits-all approach usually found in certification programs.  Some women will sail through it, and start creating, but the majority will get stuck. You may feel shame because you didn’t get it or do it right according to the coaches time table. This one size fits all approach doesn’t work, but the person standing there will have been drained of cash trying make things happen.

I know. I’ve been down that road…what saved my butt is shamanic journeying. Connect with your true teachers, your compassionate helping allies. Say yes to direct experience and start listening to your own inner wisdom within. 

If you find yourself or another person saying “I’m a rebel, a maverick, a caretaker, Aries, Pisces, blah blah blah” then that person may have gone into spiritual by-pass.

Archetypes are energy patterns, they tell a story.

One Archetype is NOT the sum total of who you be as a person.

Learn how to journey. Then when you’re presented a modality, process or system to coach you can go “journey on it” to see if it is a fit for you and your business. There is no one system that has it all. As my mentor and teacher Sandra Ingerman counsels- techniques are just techniques, healing is ever evolving. Processes and techniques don’t heal, it’s who you become as healer that heals.

As a coach, healer, mentor, teacher you are called to remain fluid.

Where am I using the systems I studied to limit my potential in the world?

How can I out-create the system or modality and play full out? What else is possible?

At one coaching event I witnessed the bastardization of Carol Pearson’s groundbreaking book Awakening the Hero’s Within. Dr. Pearson’s process is a fluid moving system, you move and integrate each archetype along your life’s path. The Hero’s journey. Her lineage is not talked about in the world of coaching and archetypes. Like finger nails on a chalk board telling me from stage “it was a divine download” feels out of integrity.

Caroline Myss. Twenty years ago I soaked up her Energy Anatomy work, lived it, taught it. Sitting in the audience studying with her she presented material for what became her Sacred Contracts book. The core of her system sketched out on a white board via her signature chakra man.

An adaptation of Jung’s works (she gave him credit).

Dr. Myss wanted the system to reach the masses. Problem was the masses at the time didn’t much want to hear about astrology or tarot. They would have walked. Yet 400 women leaned in wanting to know more. Master magician Caroline took the stage talking about astrology and these people didn’t even know it; cloaking the system in the sacred archetypes to meet the masses and get the information into mainstream. Good for her. I was in awe. The Sacred Contracts is alchemy…astrology and archetypes.

Each of us knows the astrological language on a feeling/intuitive level. Each of us intuitively know these archetypes. To present a system and not give its roots and lineage causes spiritual confusion or spiritual bypass.

The body of work stays stuck in the 3rd chakra rather than streaming through the heart chakra.

Anytime you have a “system” eventually it becomes solidified, that’s when the shadow shows up. The machine breaks. It happens. Systems and processes are meant to break down, deconstruct, evolve and renew. Just as in nature the cycle of living is mirrored through the death/rebirth process.

Feng Shui is a concretized system that grew out of a direct shamanic experience. These ideas and tools for living were orally passed down, then written down, then someone exclaimed

“Hey here’s a system, let’s make money!”…certify people.

Fast Food coaching. One coach took adapted Carol Pearson’s work for the marketing/coaching world. “I’m going to certify you in my divinely downloaded process.” Here’s the list of archetypes (taken from Carol Pearson’s book) “This is who you are and what your business and sacred work in this world is about.”

Then she taught PIECES of Carol’s system to thousands of women coaches. Without the focus on healing with a just do it “here’s your test, these are your archetypes” = fast food coaching. You can’t take pieces of a deeply based psycho-spiritual system and get the same results.

It’s not going to happen.

That’s like saying “I’m a shaman” after talking one fucking weekend class. No you’re not. Put in your 10,000 hours.

Let yourself be rendered…changed by the work.

Seasoned. Tell me the healing story – trials and tribulations that makes you the expert. Show me your genius . Then offer to coach me. I know a lot of friends and colleagues working with these systems, it’s a way to language the woo, but really have you read the book, gone beyond the certification process to find YOUR bigger why? Healed your soul loss?

As a preacher’s son Jung spent long periods of time out in nature. He knew the Bible, and connected to his daemon (in shamanism this is known as a Helping Ally).

He journeyed.

He combined his work into a beautiful alchemical system, that was psycho-spiritual. Transpersonal.

Jung put in his 10,000 hours.

I love what Jung did with his direct experience with Source.

That same connection of Source is always available to you.

Learn to journey. Allow yourself to have direct experience with the Divine. Find your truth.

If you don’t understand something, then go back to the source of the work. Be a student. Humble yourself. Immerse yourself in (holotropic/integrative/shamanic) breathwork. Get bodywork.

Do SoulCollage® and say yes to your Hero’s journey. Figure out what’s right for you. Work all the archetypes.

Don’t pigeon hole yourself with one method, process or system. Otherwise you run the risk of being taken over by the shadow of the teacher/coach and

the shadow of the system.

Regurgitating the same old shitty information again and again.

Your clients deserve better.