With me since high school
At significant events in my life.
Graduation. Wedding. Journaling.

Lately he’s helped me
Large Title blocks.
Tried and true.
Always reliable.
Juicy black
when I lay down a line.
Always shows up.

Until yesterday,
He started to run dry.
Let me go find another…

Horror! I discover
My beloved Sharpie Calligraphic® Pen
No 40000 is no more.
Gone too
All his friends
blue, brown, red and green.
Once upon a time teal and pink.

AccK when did that happen!!!
How did I miss this!
I bought replacements to test…
but they’re not you.
They are not you.

Trusted tool.
45 years is a long time.
Bye-bye Sharpie Good-bye.