Dearest One,

Would you like to know what’s going on at this New Moon in Libra?

What about Jupiter in Scorpio’s message for the next year?

Would you like me to run personal Access Clearings that are tailored to your birth chart?
That clears your stuck points of view around creativity and money?

What clients’ are saying:

“Michele Grace Lessirard is an amazing resource and guides us to harmonize the spiritual with the practical – and the moon phases.” – Christine

“Thank you so much for the astrology reading. Lessons are coming each and every day. I am feeling better able to process them which allows for the healing.” Claire

“If you have an opportunity to work with Michele Grace Lessirard, do it!” *mind blown over here in the corner*- Effy

Why these sessions now?

I want you to go do the Great Work out in the world you are called to do.

And there is a lot of energy at the moment, where you may be moving into doubt, may be hiding the gifts the world needs from YOU. You may just need someone to say “go for it!”

Where Jupiter is in your birth chart there is call- an expectation- of surrender and expansion.

Scorpio rules transformation, death and rebirth.
What am I ready to surrender so I can move into the thing I most desire?

Jupiter spent the last year moving through the Libra in your chart and now…
He’s asking what part of me is bound-up in relationships that no longer serve my higher purpose?

If this feels light, then sign up.
If you’re not sure… go for a walk and ask again.
I trust you’ll know exactly what to do that’s right for you.

In loving support,

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard
“Helping you love your weirdness while holding space
so you can cross the threshold of your genius.”

Who is Michele Grace?

A Near Death Experience at age three awakened the gifts, talents and capacities of an Oracle Aligned.

Michele Grace is a WayMaker,  a see’r of patterns;
helping you transcend problems and unlock the BRILLIANCE that you truly be!

An elder shamanic teacher she brings three decades of entrepreneurial experience,
successfully integrating these ancient wisdom skills
to grow her business while in service to her family, clients and community.

All of her sessions are channeled from the sacred Starseed Wisdom, she is known as the

InterStellar Magi