What truth has you so hooked in that you’re willing to discount possibility?

The possibility of something different.
The possibility of someone’s agenda.
The possibility of science.
The possibility of love.

Much of what we’re seeing is the unwillingness to deal with generational shadow issues…that aren’t even yours, you’ve taken them on as a kindness to the parents and grandparents that came before you.

If you’re stuck in being right and even being wrong.
If you’re pointing a finger at another person or entities…
Then you are stuck in a polarity mindset.

The old paradigm of right and wrong. keeps you spinning….
The ask is:

What’s here?
What needs tending?
How does this relate to healing my shadow?
My mom’s shadow? My dad’s shadow?

We had a Full Moon in Scorpio.
Scorpio is about deep diving into the muck of your shadow.
This sign is designed to purge anger and rage.
The places you feel shame, anger, blame but are too busy projecting the feelings onto another person, place and yes conspiracy theory.

The ask is:

Burn off the dross.
Death of the old.
Honor you and your legacy.

Rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix. Rebirth.
Show me what’s behind this energy I’m feeling?
Show me where I’m out of balance?
Burn off the dross. Rise again.
Show me joy.
Show me how to find peace.