Judgments are a LIE we’ve taken on as a kindness to the other person.

and an unkindness to you.

Take that in a moment…or two.







Years ago in a breathwork session I had a vision of sitting in church and knowing God within. Not because what the pastor told me, it came from my near-death experience as a child; my connection to nature and walking the shamanic path of direct experience. Everyone in the congregation during that vision also came from this place of god\goddess from within. It was an extraordinary heart opening experience.

This week a student I adore was judged for walking her own path of direct experience….in response this is what I shared:

In the mid-90’s essential oils were laughed at by the muggles. Today those that laughed or held disdain are pitching them all over social media. What is new will scare people and then it becomes the norm. Are you on the path of cutting edge stuff?

You’re a change agent. A way shower.

This month is an opportunity to root out the times you’ve taken the weirdness on as a wrongness of you. Journal about it. I suggest doing the dead wood ritual (click here) to let it go. To transform and transmute the energy. Take back your power.

If what you offer your clients,
if the tools you use are unconventional
and done in love.
There’s no wrongness in that.

Be you.
Go be seen, by choice.
Not by chance.

There are those waking up- aka coming of age- that need to hear this from me, from you. They may be crossing into territory deemed wrong, bad, the devil’s work.

Waking up is hard because you have to surrender the generational trauma-beliefs that are deeply ingrained… in thought, in the cells, in the breath and body of you.


When the sun moves through this sign it highlights this weirdness among the muggles. This is the sign where you get to break out of the collective shell. Create in a new way. Innovate.

It’s also a place fraught with judgement.

“It’s the way we’ve always done it….”
“don’t go that way.”
“stay the same.”
“it’s dangerous to think that way.”

You my friend are an explorer of new frontiers.
Boldly going where your intuition asks you to.
A full body knowing…. honoring that life pulse within you.

If you are a recovering Christian, here are a few people I follow on Instagram:

The New Evangelicals: https://www.instagram.com/thenewevangelicals/

Bad.Pastor® https://www.instagram.com/p/CoYElEQO4mU/

If you need to talk…please reach out.

With love,

Rev. Michele Grace Lessirard, C.Ht.*


*I am an interfaith minister ordained in 1997 through the Universal Brotherhood Movement, Inc.