Constant worry used to plaque me as an interior designer; especially around the process of installation. My first restaurant project at 24 I miscalculated the booth seats that would have been a $15,000 error. Thankfully the sales rep caught it in time. I walked that restaurant jobsite every night after work for six months taking it from dirt on the floor to a fully functioning restaurant. I didn’t know what I was doing while my jealous alcoholic boss was no help.

I’ve been raged at by clients whose job is not going as fast as they want it. I’ve had subcontractors fail to perform according to the contract or go behind my back to the client asking for more money or time. I had CPTSD and my nervous system took a lot of hits back then.

These worry wort moments are rare nowadays… but when they do arrive it tends to be in the middle of the night. This morning at breakfast dear husband asks if I had any good dreams… “no but I woke up worried about the kitchen.”

Surprised, “there’s nothing to worry about. It always works out.” He’s right, except my body hasn’t caught up yet.

Today I’ll review and sign off on the drawings from the cabinet company. Get two more bids from plumbers on moving the sink to the island. Figure out where to put everything when the existing cabinets are removed in a couple of weeks. And put together the email series for the Initiate Retreat.

Here’s a snap of the lovely antique cabinet off of Facebook Marketplace, just the size and style I wanted. Solid mahogany from the 1930’s.

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