“You have to meet with Oscar.” Ellen said.

Two weeks after breaking my ankle and subsequent surgery I hobbled into Ellen’s healing room.

A month prior Ellen, on a healing quest to cure her breast cancer leaves Fort Lauderdale, travels to Esalen Institute in California to meet with Don Oscar. Fun fact, Don Oscar lives up the road in Palm Beach, Florida.

Hobbling into the room on crutches a beautiful altar is laid out on the floor… the air is buzzing. Teetering trying to keep my balance with the ankle still in a cast. “Look here” the shaman says, “right between my eyes, now don’t look away.”

Taking swigs from one of the bottles he spit-sprays the liquid elixir mist all over me as the scent of flowers fills the space within and around me.

Staring at me he says “You have trained with many people of power, now it’s time for you to carry your own medicine bag.”

The next session the power song starts flowing through me as gifts to clients during their soul retrieval sessions.

A decade after the “index card experience” my helping ally- one of the names on the index card- tells me it’s time to learn heart centered shamanic Depossession, so I travel to Wisconsin to be in the circle.

I’m also here to visit the Indian mounds. They’re calling me. After checking into my room, putting the suitcase on the bed I look out the window as the sun is setting…. The deep indigo blue-sky contrasts with the dusty rust-golden colored wheat field.

It’s the EXACT SAME LANDSCAPE SCENE as the painted index card.
Whoa. Que the Twilight Zone music.

Everyone’s buzzing with excitement as we exit the bus at the effigy mounds. I walk up the path with reverence, quietly singing and rattling… before I know it, I’m walking in two worlds…I’m also seeing water and hearing the words “What happened to the water?”

In the “LONG Before” I’m seeing the verdant green mounds are surrounded by water; there are hollowed-out boats arriving for the rituals and celebrations. There’s dancing, singing and drumming. So much joy. When it’s time to leave the mounds that day I give thanks for the visions, the spirits of the land and the gifts bestowed.

Later that evening the teacher asks the circle to set up an experiential representation of the mounds in the meeting room. Everyone takes their assigned place…

The room is pitch dark, there’s only candlelight on the altar.

My ally says, “why is no one singing?”

“You’re representing the 13th moon.”

I’m standing on the 13th mound. 13 mounds representing the 13 moons. As I rattle…. a song is rising… I question….

“NOW, really?”

“YES! SING”, she replies. Sing the song of the “LONG Before”…. into the future.

Throwing off my cloak of anonymity… I feel someone next to me; my eyes slightly open as the teacher puts her recording device at my feet.

After the session I’m buzzing with energy…expanded. Other people in the circle are now coming up touching me. It’s uncomfortable.

The next morning the teacher asks if I’m willing to set up the experiential mound in the meeting room again this evening using my recorded “LONG Before” power song.

“No, that’s not going to work for me.” Even though she’s disappointed I hold firm to the boundary.

“People are asking for the song. Can I release the song to the students who are here?”

Can you teach me how to unhook from people psychically reaching in while listening to the power song?”

My question is met with silence. It’s a big NO.

Now fifteen years later I understand it’s all a dance; I’m learning the steps as a newbie medium, how to hold a clear yes and a clear no. My energetic body was not ready to hold that space for others, that will come with time.

Within a year I’m singing power songs and sending them out into my community at each new moon. Playing in the “Long Before.”

Yesterday I learned from a Facebook post that the effigy mounds thousands of years ago, in the “Long Before” were indeed surrounded by water.

In Aquarius you are called to be the pioneer… to gather up our stories… from the “there and then” and the “here and now”; these are seeds asking to be planted. The world needs the power of our songs.

I am the One who is an Interstellar Magi dancing in the “LONG Before.”

Celebrating Ellen’s legacy on her 74th birthday.