Hobbling into his healing room two weeks after surgery, my broken foot still in a cast…

“look here” the shaman said, “right between my eyes, now don’t look away.”

Taking a swig from one of the bottles on his mesa he spit-sprays the elixir all over me, the scent of flowers fill the space within and around me.

Quietly Don Oscar says “You have trained with many people of power, now it’s time for you to carry your own medicine bag.”

now I ask you…

What medicine do you carry?

I’ll help you figure it out….

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“Your medicine that you carry is your life, and your life is represented by all the things that you have said, all that has been given to you, and all that you have given to others. It is all that you are and all you have done.

Your medicine that you carry are all the things that you ‘bundle’ together. This medicine bundle contains all those things that you hold sacred in the world…and this is your gift to your world.”- Cherokee Elder

Group Mentoring with Michele Grace

I’m having an “Idea Party!” want to come?

“Isolation is the dream killer. You don’t need a positive attitude or self-confidence to make your dreams come true. You need a lot of friends who want to see you get your dreams. With that support, your world will turn around.“- Barbara Sher

When:  2021 Idea Parties happen bi-weekly each Wednesday starting January, 1/13, 1/27, 2/10, 2/24, 3/10, 3/24 through June. 
Time:  11 AM through 12:15 PM Eastern
Place:  Zoom Video Conferencing or by phone aka you call the Zoom phone number.
Cost:   No Charge

Here are the details:

  • 75-minutes to talk about what’s going on…what needs tending.
  • Come with the intention of bringing a wish and an obstacle. “Here is my wish:_________, and here is my obstacle:_________.”
  • If you have them bring your Initiate Retreat Doodles from December, paper and colored media- pens, markers
  • and your beverage of choice.

Come as often as you like… use the time to get ideas, support, check in, accountability… maybe there is an idea cooking, maybe you need to speak your truth.

All I ask is that you respect our time and the group’s intentions. If you can’t make it then bow out 24-48 hours so I can open your seat to another person. it’s an experiment…to honor the exchange of energy what would it take to “pay it forward?”

When you click the button below you’ll be taken to the appointment calendar. To sign up for all the sessions, pick your time zone, click the ‘pink button”, highlight the date. If you want to sign up for all the sessions, then use the “recurring link”. Download times and dates into your calendar. You’ll get email reminders. Easy Peasy.


Michele GraceWhat if it’s not about
niche.  clients.  launches.

It’s about the medicine you carry.
The essence of your presence.


Let’s find it together…