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There’s a reason the Initiate Retreat is now in its 10th year. 

Doodles to Create your Year

Let’s doodle!…using the power of doodles we create your year.  This is not like any other planning retreat… because I don’t DO planning the traditional way. Instead I ask and create; follow my Lightness. We meet twice a year, in December (Sagittarius) and June (Gemini) for a reason. You can attend either or both.

At each Initiate Retreat I’ll teach you how to recognize and do the same in your life and business.

Click for Initiate 2022 Mid-Year Initiate Retreat
Saturday, December 4th, 2021
Noon to 4 PM Eastern

We are setting the intentions for the upcoming year through the power of the doodles and questions. Each year the doodles shift to the ASK of the moment.

Saturday, June 5th, 2021
Noon to 4 PM Eastern

It’s for new and seasoned Initiators. Clients and students use the June retreat as a check-in for what’s been unfolding and to course correct.


Long Distance Healing Lab

A 4-week immersion into long distance healing; a modality I’ve worked with for over two decades. I’ll teach you how to work with clients remotely, collaborating with source…to bring healing solutions and problem solving to the issue at hand. 2021 Calendar is posted. Click here to learn more.

Compassionate Spirit Release Course

A 5-week immersion: you’ll learn how to diagnose and remedy foreign energy, energetic cords, and intentional and unintentional curses.​ Space clearing is part of the process as well. Click to learn more.

2021 Idea Party: Group Mentoring

It’s a take on my mentor Barbara Sher’s model from her book “WishCraft.” We meet Bi-weekly on Wednesdays at 11 AM and 2 PM Eastern.  75-minutes to talk about what’s going on…what needs tending. Come with a wish and an obstacle….Click here to learn more and RSVP.

Meeting with Spirit: Intro to Journeywork

Foundational skills in shamanic journeying so you can begin to develop and/or enhance your own spiritual practice. Click here to learn more.

Exploring Money & Meaning for Healers

What does it feel like to create from joy? What is the ask of money?….Click here to learn more and Register.

Teacher Training & Shamanic Healing

Shamanic training for those who have completed the Long Distance Healing Lab. Click here to read more.