My offer to work together comes without a lot of hype. This week I am offering a complimentary half hour session to talk about what you need, what I have to offer, and make sure we’re a good match.

Nancy called last month close to the holidays. She’d committed to a Platinum level marketing program, had bills that needed to be paid and not much in cash coming in. Ready to take a bold leap forward with all the good ideas percolating Nancy was stopped by old fears.

Fear does not help you manifest a dream or make money…fear shuts you down and spins your wheels. Nancy wanted to be more intuitive and trust her inner guidance. She called me…

When you’re about to walk boldly through a new doorway, step into the light with your brilliance that inner critic, your fear stands with you at the threshold.

Right timing meets right action meets Resistance.

First off Nancy dug deep into my powerful Saturn in Libra Journal while I looked at Nancy’s birth chart. I saw the problem right away and performed a shamanic journey on her behalf for a diagnosis.

During our sessions I continued to do both shamanic healing and coaching. In collaboration she healed from her soul loss, began discerning true wisdom from the mind chatter.

And magically doors opened…coaching clients signed up, within 30 days she is making “good” money and being asked to joint venture on some wonderful new projects. She wrote this week:

“Michele I love how you use the Moon’s energies to support me. I wonder if talking to you twice a month would make sense. Plus I just LOVE your work!!  I love how you use imagery with me and I love the healings!!”

This soul-based coaching makes my heart sing.

 Sign up for a complimentary half hour appointment. Well talk about what you need, what I have to offer, and make sure we’re a good match.

I’d love to work with you to get your creative ideas up and running in 2010. If shamanic coaching is right for you, raise your hand to grab one of the four spots left to work together in this powerful way!

No other marketing/business coach offers my spiritual training. No one.

Our collaboration will take you into the Spring season where right action is needed.

As a shamanic healer, teacher and astrologer I use the stars, story and art to help you dissolve blocks, tap into your magic and start living your soul’s purpose. I am an expert in teaching you how to safely trust your inner knowing and a stand for being connected to Spirit in everyday matters. NO MATTER WHAT.

Bright Blessings,